Growing your online presence and fostering more conversions and sales is all that your e-Commerce brand needs. Presenting to you – Digital Marketing! I’m sure I don’t need to define it to you but I surely want to remind you how important a role Digital marketing plays for your online success.

Did you know that by the end of this year (2017), the spending on digital marketing will surpass that of TV ads?! This just goes to show how effective and important it is to have a digital marketing strategy in place. Needless to say, when you’re investing so much of time and money into it, you better do it right and make it count.

Brands are using all sorts of creative ways to market their products/ services online. Some work and some may not due to varying user behaviour. Nonetheless, you have to keep trying and testing new ways to attract customers as well as implement the already tried and tested strategies. I have complied a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you must bear in mind before you chalk out your digital marketing plan.

Let’s start with the Don’ts :

Because it is always more important to stop taking the wrong road to reach your destination.

Don’t Hard Sell – it hardly sells

Being pushed into buying something from you is the last thing your customer needs. Instead, give out a subtle relative message through your blogs or posts. The other day I came across a website blogging on topics like ‘places around you to visit with your cycle’ and ‘exotic destinations you can cycle to’ and they were selling cycles without screaming out lout ‘BUY FROM ME!’.

Don’t Spam them

Whoever has done an emailing campaign will know how hard it is to avoid being marked as spam, even when sent on consent. Avoid sending very frequent emails, posting recurrent social media updates, etc. as this can chase away even those customers who used to like you.

Don’t make blind posts 

Yes, using multiple keywords (multiple times) in your blogs can do some good for your SEO but you need to aim them at your targeted audience. Know your audience first and then curate articles that will interest them. For example, if you’re selling make-up for women, you can’t be talking about global warming.

Don’t have a Live Chat option if there’s nobody to chat with

It has happened to me a couple of times and it simply puts you off. And when they’ve clearly said – 24/7 Live chat. Don’t do it if you cannot live up to it. It does more harm than good. I’ve never visited that website ever again.

The Do’s :

As Walt Disney puts it, ‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’. But let’s try to do it right.

Be open to trying varying techniques

There are so many digital marketing techniques that can be leveraged and then find out which one suits best for you. Like e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, PPC, videos, etc. Amuse yourself with all these techniques and then analyse what works out for your campaign.

Keep track of your competitors

Know your competition to become the competition. Keep a close eye on them to know what they are offering and how they’re leveraging digital marketing techniques to promote their brand. Use their weaknesses and strengths to enhance your business strategy.

Hire an expert

You are trying your best at gaining all the knowledge about digital marketing online and you want to do it yourself now. However, if you want an effective digital marketing strategy that’s well thought about, tried and tested, you could use some help from an expert. While techniques like social media marketing can be intimidating for some companies, for a digital marketing expert – it’s a cake walk.

Front-rank Content marketing

When you have a great content marketing strategy and put out the best content for the right audience, you can organically increase your SEO ranking. PPC is great to help you gain more traffic to your website faster but organic search results can get you more conversions. About six times more! Use great quality blogs, images and videos to give your brand that edge.

Get Mobile Optimized

It is now a widely known fact that mobile rules the digital world. Google proclaimed that people are using their mobile devices more than any other to search online. Not only that, if your website is not responsive on all devices, you will not rank so highly. If not already done, you now need to invest time, money and resources into optimizing your website for all devices. It is not a choice anymore.

Leverage the power of Social Media

Social media marketing when done right can do wonders to your brand. You can spread the word like fire with social media platforms like twitter, linkedIn, facebook, etc. Having an enticing headline for your post really helps in grabbing those eyeballs. You will also need to back it up with some fine-quality content if you want them coming back for more. Don’t forget to ALWAYS use unique content.

 Digital marketing is definitely here to stay. To steer ahead of your competition, you need a lot of research and expertise in building an effective and clever digital marketing strategy. Optimizing your online presence can greatly improve your conversions and sales.

 Author Bio:

 As a passionate SEO writer for Specbee Consulting Services , Shefali loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since her world mainly revolves around digital media, business growth and technological advancements, you can always find her delved in the digital world.


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