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I, at the moment, study Business Studies and was introduced to the term ‘synergy’ about a week ago. Synergy is where two separate objects or ‘things’ are worth more in value together than they are separately. Synergy is an important aspect to business, especially when businesses are deciding whether to merge or take over another business. Will taking this business over produce synergy results? If so they will do it. This made me think how synergy can be used in PPC and general online advertisement. Is it possible, like businesses, to merge advertising networks with each other to produce synergy-like results? 

With this article, I will concentrate on producing synergy results with the most used online advertising out there: PPC and AdWords. From this, let’s picture you as the advertiser using AdWords.

Your campaign is running well and can be considered successful. The question is if you should expand your advertising network and either:

  • Create more campaigns in AdWords.
  • Create the same campaign you are running on AdWords using different advertising networks.

Both will produce synergy results for your campaign: in different ways.


Create More Campaigns in AdWords

If you choose this option to gain synergy in advertising, you will not be able to replicate the same campaign in any way (as you might as well expand the current campaign you have instead of replicating it making two exactly the same campaigns). This is a good option if you want to expand on the audience you are trying to target. It’s experimental due to the fact the campaign won’t be exactly the same as your original campaign. Even so, your original campaign and now new campaign together may have the power of three separately running campaigns: synergy in advertising. Be warned, having campaigns too similar will cause competition to increase on your keywords increasing CPC of adverts.


Same Campaign Using Different Ad Networks

This approach to synergy can have positive results as well as negative. Having exactly the same campaign using different ad networks will sure enough give you a bigger audience to target. However, if you choose advertising networks that have low conversion and success rates, you will find yourself facing the opposite to synergy where the value of two things (being campaigns) will be less than the value of them separate. Sure enough, expanding your campaign to other networks will prove to expand your audience and market. If you don’t know what other networks to go for than AdWords, I would reccomend you read ‘Best AdWords Alternatives‘.


Ultimately, you have to realise that synergy should only come when you want to expand your advertising budget and campaign(s). Businesses only use synergy when they see that a merge/take over will have a more positive effect to their business than just internally expanding their business. You could, like most advertisers, just pump more money into your current campaign. Although more consistent, the rewards won’t be as much as synergy could offer. 1+1 = 3.

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