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The farming industry has been going through some rough times in the last few years, but recently it looks to be making a comeback!

Reuters has just released a report that the industry is growing more than ever. The net income for farms in the U.S. is projected to reach $120.6 billion in 2013 — a 6% increase since last year.

This would actually be the highest revenue that farming has achieved in more than 40 years, according to the Department of Agriculture.

What does this mean for you? It means that farming may be a good industry to consider if you’re interested in starting your own business!

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What you’ll need to start a farming business

If you’re considering starting your own farming business, you’ll need a few things:

A farm is a must, of course! It’s what your entire business revolves around, and it’s how you’re going to make your money. Among the options, you might want to consider starting your own:

  • Horse farm to breed horses
  • Nursery to grow organic fruits, veggies, and plants
  • Fish farm, ideal for producing delicious homegrown seafood
  • Tree farm, with the goal of reforestation
  • Simple mass-growing produce farm

You will also need all the necessary equipment for your farm:

  • Tractor: If you’re growing crops, you’ll need one of these. You may also need attachments for the tractor, such as a backhoe, a front-end loader, etc. Tractors can cost a small fortune, but they’re the workhorse that keeps the modern farm working.
  • Planters and seeders: If you’re going to start your own produce farm, you’re probably going to have to sow your own crops every year. There’s a lot of different machinery that can make the seeding and planting process easier, so it’s worth looking into top notch models.
  • Hay equipment: Hay is a staple on any farm. You’ll need hay to feed livestock, and it’ll come in handy for keeping fields in good condition. You’ll need a truck to haul the hay, as well as equipment to harvest and turn it into bales.
  • Combines: A combine is ideal for cutting and threshing crops like grain and wheat, but it’s a fairly costly machine. There are machines for beans, corn, barley, wheat, and other crops, so make sure to buy the right machine for your crop.

There is a lot of other machinery you may need if you’re starting a farm, but more specific machines depend on the type of farm you intend to run: a livestock farm, a produce farm, a fish farm, etc.

The secret to farming success: the Internet

If you’re starting your own farming business, you may find that selling your produce the old-fashioned way won’t work. Using the Internet may be the key to success with your farm.

You’ll need to start out by creating a website, complete with a pitch to interest locals in your produce. You’ll want to offer to deliver the food to local customers, to ensure the food arrives fresh.

You’ll also need Search Engine Optimization for your website, because that will promote it: making it appear first in the Google Search Results lists for search terms like “fresh farm food.”

Once your site is up and running, the last thing you’ll need is a system for record-keeping — essential when it comes to paying taxes on your farm!

There are so many types of farms to consider. Once you have a strong sense of which type would be ideal, you can find information on where to buy farms in the US here.

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