As the clout of Web 2.0 is growing, advertisers are particularly getting interested in placing advertisements online. Search marketing social advertising experts are digging deeper and deeper in the quest of avenues for better advertising. Also, advent of new tools are allowing highly target specific advertisings to take place, and this is benefiting search marketing social advertising experts tremendously.

An important facet of the new wave known as Web 2.0 is Social Media, which internet marketers are capitalizing upon due to its heavy usage. Social Media is a platform where a lot of people interact with each other, and well known examples of social media websites include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. Since these websites can be broken down based on individual interests, advertisers can post highly target specific advertising.

This year itself, forecasters are predicting Social Media advertising to be a $10 billion business by the end of 2012. This will give you a brief insight about the width and depth of how social media is being optimized effectively for the purpose of advertising.

Search Engine Advertising, on the other hand, is the process of generating advertisements based on the search query a user enters. It is assumed that a user is likely to click on an advertisement that contains the keywords he’s searching for, and this logic has caused advertisers to explore this phenomenon. Although an old technique of advertising on the internet, search marketing social advertising experts reported a spending of a whopping $13.5 billion on advertising!

Search marketing social advertising experts believe that while search advertising is tried and test, has been around for long, social media advertising, thought still in the nascent stage is a booming industry and definitely the future!

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