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Banner advertising is a great form of advertising online because, unlike other forms of advertising, it works alongside PPC. In the past, I have compared banner advertising side by side with PPC such as BuySellAds vs Adsense. This was wrong of me because instead of seeing which one is better, the best option is to implement both of them onto your website. For this reason, it is fairer to compare the likes of BuySellAds against its own segmented market: banner advertising and from doing this, it is clear they are the market leaders. Here is a review of BuySellAds highlighting the main benefits of their service if you should so choose to use them.

BuySellAds Review 2015 - The Best Of Banner Advertising


Only 25% Commission

With any form of advertising online, the program you are using will take a percentage of the earnings you make. For example, Adsense will take 32% commission for display adverts and 49% commission for search adverts which means you will only ever get 60% of the money coming from your advert’s revenue. This is where BuySellAds are good. They only take 25% of your earnings away which, compared to any of form of online advertising, is extremely low. This means if/when you do make money with BuySellAds, more of the money you make will actually go to you.



The Largest Pool of Advertisers

Banner advertising programs only work if there is a large enough pool of advertisers that will mean your units are constantly being sold. With BuySellAds, they have achieved this. There is no point signing up to a program if you know there are minimal advertisers to buy your units. It is the old saying ‘supply and demand’. You have the supply of advertising units. The demand varies depending on the competition for your units. If there are many advertisers that could potentially buy your advertising units, the chances are your units will be sold. This is the case with BuySellAds.



Discount Codes

A problem I found with BuySellAds was the fact that if you have set-up everything right and your units are not being sold, what do you do? You have done everything possible to sell them and they are just not enticing enough for advertisers to buy. This is where BuySellAds have introduced discount codes. This enables BuySellAds publishers to create discounts for their units for as long or short as they want so if you do find that a few of your units are not selling, you can make a discount code to attract some needed attention to sell them! Although your profit margin will decrease, once you gain an advertiser, they are more likely to renew their advertising unit if it performs well…at the full price next month.



The best thing I like about BuySellAds is that it makes money in the locations of my website where I thought no advertising program could make money from. This is a huge plus for BuySellAds which is why you should always try to use them even if it is for just one unit or 10.

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