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I find it kind of ironic that BuySellAds, the leader in banner advertising, uses pay per click advertising to promote their business. Surely, if banner advertising is so amazing, they should be using that to promote themselves? Anyway, following on in my series of Analysing PPC Campaigns where I last looked at , here, I have decided to look at PPC and Google’s main competitor – BuySellAds. How exactly are they using pay per click advertising to encourage advertisers and publishers to use their program?


You might be able to tell that I presumed something in the last sentence. I have presumed that a conversion for BuySellAds consists of an addition of a publisher or advertiser. This does seem the most likeliest – why would BuySellAds be spending money on a PPC campaign to increase brand image or for any other reason? They wouldn’t.


To see BuySellAds’s PPC text advert, I typed in ‘banner advertising’ into Google:

BuySellAds PPC Text Advert


One thing I notice straight away is the amount of competition there is for this keyword and so there should be. Banner advertising is one of the best ways to make money online for advertisers and publishers. There is a lot of money in banner advertising. What is also apparent is that banner advertising can be used on any website out there and have a think about the amount of websites there are out there? It’s billions.


Looking at BuySellAds’s advert, they have highlighted two benefits from joining their banner advertising program:

  • You will more control of your ad space than that of competitors.
  • From the fact that BuySellAds works with the web’s top publishers, it makes clear that they are the best of banner advertising from working with the best.

It is interesting that they state they work with just the web’s top publishers. There is no mention of the advertiser side to banner advertising (advertising cannot work with just publishers: they need advertisers to buy the publisher space). This could mean that the majority of traffic from typing ‘banner advertising’ or similar keywords into Google are in fact publishers.


After clicking on their advert, I cam to the following landing page:

BuySellAds PPC Landing Page - Edited


This is not a modified landing page for the PPC campaign since anyone can reach this page through clicking on the ‘Learn more’ button for publishers. The one difference is that the URL features extra coding being “http://buysellads.com/publishers?gclid=COTX8o_Jz7YCFVDMtAodxy8AwA” from the normal “http://buysellads.com/publishers”. This extra coding is used as tracking software to enable BuySellAds to monitor the progress of their landing page: something every advertiser should do (if you are not doing it already).


Looking at the actual landing page, it a simple design with a simple but colourful blend of colours. What I love about this landing page is the navigation system. There are eight navigation pages the PPC traffic could visit which might be deemed quite a lot. However, the contents of each page is similar to that of Apple using large fonts and images to grab the web user’s attention. For this reason, it is a very good landing page. It encourages web users to explore through the navigation pages and then ‘Get Started’ in banner advertising with BuySellAds.

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