Busy Life? Use PPC 25 May 2012

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A lot of people including myself gave advertising in general the stereotype that it will take up a lot of time to do. A campaign is a word that is associated with being long term which means taking the preparation to think ahead. This, all to the typical advertiser, sounds very long, tough, challenging and potentially expensive.


The fact is that not all advertising is like this. Yes, TV campaigns can have months and months of planning before hand. Businesses such as Apple take years in creating a marketing campaign to suit the product they launch and want to keep running. Getting to the point, PPC has adopted a stereotype amongst advertisers that like other forms of advertising, it will take up a lot of time. In three words, this is wrong.


As a matter of fact, the revolution of PPC is unlike any other we have seen in advertising. Pay per click advertising takes a whole different approach to advertising which is why it should not get the reputation and awareness for being the average advertising form. The first point is that it does not take ages to set up a PPC campaign. Therefore, if you do have a busy life, PPC is the way to go. You can have a campaign up and running in minutes.


How? PPC is entirely web based. Typical advertising formats such as TV advertising and non-internet advertising has a middle man being time. No matter how hard you try, time always gets the better of you. PPC eliminates time completely through the use of new technology such as the internet. It is just you and the PPC program. You and the campaign. Your time is used more efficient and effectively because PPC is quick.


PPC is also widely known for being an advertising form which you can just leave. By this, I mean you can start a campaign in minutes and leave it for a month to do its job. Other advertising formats force the advertiser to treat the campaign like a baby where they have to care and nurture for it 24/7. As well as frustrating, its quite tiring too. With PPC, you can give your campaign the instructions you want (for example, the amount you want to spend each day at a specific CPC) and leave it until you say so. Genius!


These two points make clear that if you are an advertiser that is busy, PPC is the way to go. Even if you are not busy, you may wish to choose PPC still. The fact it uses your time more efficient will result in you having more time left over to do other things than create advertising campaigns. Time management is key.

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