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Everyone is talking about all the drama with Build My Rank shutting down their service. As upsetting as this may be to all of their customers, when it comes to internet marketing there are always a never ending supply of similar services and competitive programs online. Just because Google shut down Build My Rank and put them out of business over night, it doesn’t mean all of the other players in this link building area are safe, but they still may prove to be useful while they are still actively running.

Below is a list of the some of the best Build My Rank alternatives.

With members quickly fleeing from BuildMyRank to other networks, Link Authority is at the top of many of these people’s lists. Link Authority is a lot like BuildMyRank but also much better in a few different ways. Instead of having to sign up with a monthly membership fee, Link Authority is free to all members. If you want to increase the number of articles and backlinks you can get through the site, you will need to pay for a higher daily quota or submit your own blogs to the network to help spread out the article submissions. Another reason why Link Authority is more attractive than BuildMyRank is that they only accept sites that are Page Ranked 2 or higher… remember all those annoying Page Rank 1 link backs you were getting with BuildMyRank? Well, that won’t happen at Link Authority. Also check out our full Link Authority review.

Another service that is quietly growing in size is Rank Jumpers. The platform and service is very similar to BuildMyRank, so if you were a BuildMyRank user, you will have no problem getting used to Rank Jumpers. Some of the highlights of Rank Jumpers is they offer quality one way back links from their network of PR1-PR5 sites that are hosted across multiple Class C links and servers. Rank Jumpers also says that their domains are all aged and Page Ranked. A few of the other benefits of the network is that you can schedule out your posts and the costs start at $57.95 per month for 5 web sites, or up to $127.95 a month for 20 different web sites.
(UPDATE: Rank Jumpers is now closed to all new members and they are also no longer accepting articles from their members. All article submissions must be written and purchased from Rank Jumpers at the price of 2.25 per article.)

If you are looking for new link building solutions, the two services above are growing in size and customers at a fast rate. Many of these link building services like to close registration and limit the amount of users they allow into the network. Feel free to leave any comments if you’ve tested any of the services listed above.

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