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With the recent introduction that saw Google change how they ranked websites for mobile search results, there is a strong push to How Bloggers Make Money From Mobile Trafficgetting websites that were not optimised for mobile to become optimised for mobile devices (otherwise, mobile traffic will dwindle as Google ranks them lower organically). Therefore, even if you did not want to, you are likely to create a mobile version of your website now to accommodate this new search engine change. The only problem is that mobile designed websites tend to be a lot trickier to make money from advertising. For this reason, here are a few ways you can make sure the mobile version of your website does as, or as close to, well as the desktop version.



Space is Limited

The first thing you need to understand is that the space in a mobile template is a lot less than that on the desktop version. This usually results in the following things:

  • No scrolling left to right: only up and down.
  • An emphasis on the content.
  • No sidebar at all.
  • Large font

This will help increase the pages per visit your traffic achieved and other statistics such as the bounce rate. However, if your main objective is to make money, then it is no good at all for that. Here are a few things you can do.



Use Mobile Ads

This is by far the most common solution. Google makes it possible to have adverts be placed onto mobile templates no matter what the design is like. This is because they make it possible for the advert to clip either to the top or bottom of the mobile device’s screen. Therefore, the easiest option is to just implement mobile adverts onto your mobile template. From there, you can then look around changing and optimising colours, ad categories and more to get the highest click through rate and cost per click.



What About BuySellAds?

The mobile adverts are a good replacement for the desktop version of PPC. But, for other forms of advertising such as banner advertising and the commonly used BuySellAds, this is going to be a problem. Here are a few solutions to getting BuySellAds on mobile devices:

  • It depends on location. If you have adverts before and after content, you can put this on your mobile template easily.
  • The trick comes with adverts that appeared in the sidebar. Since most mobile templates do not have a constantly visible sidebar, how are you going to make these adverts appear?

The short answer is that you cannot unfortunately. The only option is, if you have enough traffic, create separate ad units for the mobile template. This means you will be selling adverts for desktop devices and separate adverts for just your mobile traffic. I know, it is the best of a bad situation.


Other than that, Infolinks could always be a shout if you want to risk it?

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