From research to playing with words, you make efforts on each and every blog posts. But, do you earn enough inbound links on it? Does your hard work pays off?

Be it an article or video content in blog posts, earning inbound links is a prerequisite to succeed in SEO. This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and engage them. But, most of the marketers lag behind in creating attractive content.

Content is a crucial thing that can either make or break your marketing strategy. In order to survive in this cut-throat competition, it becomes part and parcel to focus on content creation.

It’s time for you to craft blog posts in such a way that it drives skyrocket traffic to your site. As a result, it would greatly impact your marketing strategy, improving your brand values.

Getting smart with the strategy simply means to understand your audience thoroughly and create content accordingly. When content is created while considering audience, then it is apparent that you can significantly engage them. This way, you can increase conversions and boost your profitability.

Do you wish to earn more inbound links to your blog post? Then take a glance into the steps that can be taken into consideration for revamping your content marketing strategy in such a way that it can earn better inbound links.

Long Lists Posts

People are always up to learn a new thing on the internet. This is the main reason why long lists post is getting popularized day-by-day.

The posts that are created in the list format has more exposure and thus get a better response to it. People find it easy to cope up with the list so that they can grab information from it within no time. This way not only will they engage with the content, but withal they would share it, which would evidently drive large of number of traffic.

It is such a type of blog posts whose popularity never went down. Long lists post has powers to create curiosity, attract attention, easily digestible and heading suggests that they’ll be highly informative. Moreover, they can be immediately implemented by audience and while they are implying it in real, there are chances that they will visit your content again to refer.

Ways/How-to’s Posts

The posts that includes tutorial, guide or procedure to demonstrate information and to convey a specific message is one of the most powerful types of content. How-to’s post is the on-to-go type which can be super successful.

You just need to acquire knowledge on a particular niche and jot it down as- N ways to do… or How to do…. When you produce this sort of content, it is pretty sure that it will increase traffic to the website. As the majority of people starts searching with a query, they would get along with your post to receive answer. For example, how to make slime or how to lose weight.

If you are producing the content that seizes the value of information for which audience is willing to ask, it would wonder for driving traffic to your site. Especially, DIYs and home remedies are the hottest topics for which audience is hunting. If you succeed to drive better traffic to your blog post, then your brand visibility increases and you can earn more inbound links.

Strong Opinion Posts

Strong opinion post is something different from all. It is the most crucial type of post, which might be good or bad, depending upon your strategy. Though being such a tricky method, it has powers to earn oodles of links. But the only thing you need to consider is that you are going through in-depth research before you proceed with content creation.

This is such a type of posts that can either get you positive or negative response, but anyway you’re surely getting backlinks to your blog post. As the perspective of people differs from a person to person, people would react to those strong opinions.

If the perspective of a person matches to that strong opinion, then there are chances that you might be appreciated. On the other side, if he doesn’t agree with that opinion, then he would certainly come back to defend you. In any way, your blog post is getting exposure, which is ultimately favorable for the SEO of a website.


Strong contacts and remarkable personality are what all you need in order to produce this type of blog posts. Grab an opportunity to interview an expert and compose either as an article or podcast the same. When that interview is ready, spread it around and earn backlinks to it.

Being an expert in any niche, people always search them to know their way of working and wishes to learn any expert advice. This would attract many marketers who are always ready to gain better traffic. Ultimately, you’ll earn backlinks to the post.

Infographics and Videographics

In contemporary times, people are always expecting for something new. They are bored of same, boring articles. This is the reason why visual content is so much in trend.

Publishing blog posts through infographics and videographics would surely engage generous amount of traffic to it. Pictures that exhibits stats or information is the most impressive approach to content marketing.

If you are feeding people with something interesting and eye-appealing, then it is pretty sure to grab their attention to the post. What is better than visuals? We all adore visuals and find it interesting enough. Then, why not to engage them through the same? Yes, it is one of the best tactics to earn better traffic.

This type of blog posts acts like a magnet for attracting a large number of audience. This is because it simplifies complex topic and makes it easy for the user to understand and remember it for a long time.

Earning inbound links to the blog posts is not at all a daunting task if accurate care is taken while producing content. Considering these above-mentioned points won’t trouble you anyway to succeed in SEO.


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