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Microsoft’s search engine Bing has completed beta testing and announced the launch of product ads for U.S. advertisers. The ads incorporate custom images from the advertiser’s product catalogs, pricing, company name, and promotional text. Ad costs are identical to the other text ads on a pay-per-click basis.

Bing Product Ads enable retailers to increase qualified clicks by focusing on product details such as price, description, and rich images. The ads help searchers reach a quick purchase decision, with lower time and fewer clicks. They’re also easy for beginners to use.

How they work

Bing Product Ads were designed to be extremely simple. It’s not necessary for you to know how to write ad copy or create campaign keywords. Product Ads is easy because it builds on your existing work, and automatically serves an appropriate price, image, and brand name for you.

Product Ads and text ads can display simultaneously for a given merchant, which allows for expanded SERP territory for your business. As many as six ads may be displayed in the results at the same time, and they’ll runn on both Bing and Yahoo.

The creation of individual ads is not necessary, since Product Ads pulls information straight from the product feed of the advertiser. Additionally, campaigns may be imported from Google AdWords. The functionality and features between Google Product Listing Ads and Bing Product Ads are quite similar, which provides advertiser consistency.

Increased traffic

Yahoo’s Bing Network brings in impressive traffic from online shopping, which could help advertisers to expand the scope their PPC programs. The Yahoo Bing Network exposes advertisers to more than 500 million retail searches monthly, including 30 million searches .

The network also gives advertisers access to 22 percent of overall retail clicks.

Are Bing Product Ads for you?

Do you sell more than one product? Do you have e-commerce and secure check on your website? Do you have a U.S. billing address on Bing Ads? Can you authenticate your domain ownership?

If your answer to all the above questions is “yes,” then Bing Product Ads are probably going to suit your business. If that’s the case, then here’s how to get started.

Tips for starting a Product Ads campaign

Isolate your performance statistics by creating brand-new campaigns for your Product Ads, rather than adding Product Ads to your existing text efforts.

Define your Product Targets by product types, brands, or products that fit in with your business goals. These tend to perform better than very specific Product Targets.

Create a minimum of one Product Target for every product in your product feed. Set its bid lower than your other, more specialized Product Targets. Doing this helps to ensure that each of your products or services has an opportunity to display when relevant searches are used. It can also help identify which of your products might need their own bids.

Capture clicks, conversions, and attention by writing your own promotional text that calls attention to key selling points of each targeted product in an ad group.

Set initial bids on Product Targets equal to or greater than present keyword bids that correspond most closely to your products in the Product Target.

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