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It is no secret that Google has been the only game in town for quite a while. As Yahoo experienced a downturn and Bing struggled to gain market share, Google became the only search engine worth the time of most advertisers.

Even those people who say that Bing and Yahoo combine for 33% of the share are stretching the truth…my Empower Network review page last month got a solid 3% hits from Bing and Yahoo combined. Granted, I rank higher in Google for some bigger terms, but still, the 33% is outlandish and I have yet to see an example of someone getting that traffic from Bing and Yahoo.

According to more recent reports, Bing’s share of the search market has recently reached 17%. That number may seem small to some, but to online advertisers, it should indicate that Bing PPC is a worthwhile place to begin investing resources.The following tips and advantages should help the ‘Bing PPC rookie’ to get the most out of their time on a growing advertising platform.
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1) Take Advantage Of Better Pricing

As Google has grown, so have their advertising costs. While Google’s click through rates are also higher in most verticals, with a notable exception being the financial services market, their cost per click is also quite high.

The cost per click on Bing is often half as much as the cost per click of the same term on Google. For some terms, Bing’s cost per click is as much as 70% cheaper than on Google. Finding terms that are cheaper on Google than Bing is a rare occurrence. Translation: this is low-hanging fruit for CPA offers – even dating, weight loss or credit card offers – because your CPC will be lower but your click thru rate will more than likely remain unchanged. This is also beneficial with affiliate marketing opportunities where PPC campaigns can be scaled significantly and yield steady ROI’s.

This gives advertisers more latitude in bidding for more competitive terms due to the lower cost. Bidding on more terms may allow advertisers to make up for the lower number of clicks, as well as to uncover new terms with a high conversion rate.

2) Finding Terms With Fewer Advertisers Is Easier On Bing

Fewer advertisers bidding on a term has to distinct advantages. The first, as noted above, is that the average cost per click is likely to be much lower.

The second, is that it is easier to have your ad served near the top of the page for the terms you choose to bid on. In paid search, just as in organic search, the majority of the clicks go to the top two or three results. Getting your ad into this portion of the page is critical to getting clicks and collecting enough data to determine whether your ad is producing high enough return on your investment of time and money.

3) Bid On Terms With High Buyer Intent

Searchers who use Bing spend 24% more than those who use Google. For those who bid on terms with a high user intent, this could result in a substantial boost to sales revenues. However, terms with a higher user intent, such as “Buy cookware” often come with a higher cost per click.

While this is true on both Google and Bing, the relatively lower average cost per click can improve the margins of your advertising campaign in a way that is not possible when advertising on Google.

The fact of the matter is that Bing is growing, their search platform is improving, and those who use their search engine spend more money than regular Google users.There is no reason for online marketers and brick and mortar businesses not to make use of an opportunity that no longer exists on Google for most search verticals.With a little bit of research, a bit of vigilance in monitoring campaign and individual keyword performance, and a good product or service, there is too much benefit for businesses to ignore Bing PPC advertising.With the above three tips and advantages, most advertisers should be able to get off to a strong start. It all starts with rolling up your sleeves and getting busy.

Jeremy Page is an internet entrepreneur. He currently lives in El Tunco, El Salvador.

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