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To run a business more successfully, online presence has become every important. This requires building a good-looking affordable website and utilizing correct marketing techniques that can stand head-to-head with tough competitors. A well optimized website that is both SE (search engine) and user friendly can build a powerful presence in the online world. Below are few SEO tips that can attract web visitors to their sites.

Focus on keyword research

Keywords, key phrases and key items are the bread and butter of SEO and search engine marketing. Take some time to better research keywords. Main focus should be on intelligent keyword selection and analysis. Use LSI (Lateral Sementic Indexing) keywords in your website to increase SEO traffic. The LSI tools will help you find the appropriate variations to your main target keyword. Use your LSI keywords in titles, your descriptions and throughout the body of the content of the page. This will enhance the SEO ranking of your website page.

Limit the use of keywords

While keywords are essential to build the SEO of a site, web designers should take extra care in strategy of the keywords. Do not overuse keywords and generally go after 3 to 4 LSI words in one page. Some of the best places for keyword placement are title tag, H1,H2 and H3 tags, bullet points, navigation, URL’s, internal links and breadcrumb tails. Unnatural repetition or ‘keyword spamming’ will not help you rank and can even cause penalties.

Optimize SE Navigation

SE friendly navigation is the best way to increase clients to your blog or site. This includes adding things that search engines can follow. Implement semantics in your webpage navigation. The concept of navigation means the study of meaning, the relation between signifiers (words) and what they signify. By assessing your links, home navigation and blog posts, Google spiders make use of enhanced semantics to attract clients to your website.

Avoid Flash Navigation

Flash was considered as one of the best SEO tool by web designers, but it is no longer so. Although Flash gives a nice effect to the interface of the site, but it makes it difficult for search engine bots to read the content. So, it is strongly suggested to avoid it, sometimes it is better to use standard HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Do an Audit of Your Website

You need to make sure that your website is 100% SEO friendly and this can only be determined by doing a through SEO audit of your website. There are several SEO audit tools available like Hoth SEO Tool that can help you identify issues that might be hampering the growth of your website on the web.

URLs and Folder Names

Your URL (uniform resource locator) is a great place to start to optimize your web design. An SEO friendly URL means search engines can easily find out what your page is about. You can include keywords in URLs to increase search engine visibility. The URL of your website or blog should be as short as possible. A good URL describes the content so that both visitors and search bots can relate it to your page content.

Connect with Social Media

Social media like twitter and Facebook have become an integral part of every one’s life. Most Internet users are taking part in various social media networks. Hence, a simple act of Tweeting a link to your latest product or post increases its visibility. Take advantage of social media by joining Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter by integrating appropriate sharing buttons on your website’s pages.

Take Time for Proper Planning

Last but not the least, proper planning, research and advanced study are required to understand the aspects of SEO marketing. Therefore, you should spend enough time to plan your design in advance to increase SEO marketing of your website or blog.

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