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Every blog owner has to come to a stage when he has to decide which Pay Per Click Network he should choose to squeeze out maximum amount profit from his blog. The obvious choice as some people like to think this way is Google Adsense. Of course, Google Adsense without an iota of doubt is the most rewarding advertising network available for publishers. But there is a small problem with this platform and which is – it bans publishers at the drop of a hat and once you are banned, no matter how hard you may try, you might never be able to unban yourself.

So, it is prudent to have a handy list of Pay Per Click Networks that offer content publishers an opportunity to monetize their content without getting involved in some doggy practices like selling links to SEO companies. Check out the below mentioned Pay Per Click Networks that might come in handy in troubled time. We strongly believe this list will help in future and if you are interested about lists on some other interesting subjects, you should check out this link – top 10 lists.


Ads of this ad network are unobtrusive in nature. The unique thing about InfoLinks is that they don’t have standard banner ads that might compete for space with ads of another ad network. Rather InfoLinks ads are mostly hyperlink in nature. Some of the popular forms of ads are – inframe, intag, intext, insearch and more. Visitors need to hover their mouse on texts etc to be able to see the ads. You will have complete control over things like where to show these ads and how it gets showed.


This ad network is a joint effort by two internet giants – Bing and Yahoo. The idea was to rival the popularity of Google Adsense and we can safely say that Media.Net has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this segment. The best thing about Media.Net is that its approval process is not that much exhausting like that of Google Adsense. It lets you track the performance of your website in term of revenue generation in real time. Your account will get approved fast if majority of the visitors are from USA, UK or Canada. And of course, English has to be the primary language otherwise your account might not get approved.


The best thing about Chitika is that you can run it along with other ads on your website. Approval process is easy-peasy. To some webmasters, Chitika is the best platforms for those whose websites have got banned by Adsense. There are options to resize the ad size to make it mobile friendly. The Pay Per Click rate of Chitika is low compared to other ad platforms available out there. You need to generate at least $50 if you wish to get paid by check. The main difference between Chitika and other ad networks is that the ads are not contextual rather the ads are influenced by the keywords that people have used to find your website in Google or any other search engines.


This platform might come to your rescue if you have been banned by Google Adsense.  The rules are not that much complicated. Unless your website is an adult one or is spreading hatred towards certain groups, you are good to go. Non-English websites also get approved and your website does not need to have huge traffic to be able to get approved fast.  All you have to do is to insert some codes in the HTML and you are good to go. The look and feel of the ads is customizable.  The payout may not that much impressive when compared to Google Adsense but you will earn extra money for each conversion. The reporting is one such aspect where Bidvertiser fails to impress its users.


This is another safe haven for those webmasters who have somehow got into trouble with Adsense. You will get to choose from different ads sizes and there are options to customize the look and feel. The installation process is very simple. They have plugins available for Drupal, Blogger, Joomla and WordPress platforms.

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