Best Kitchen Contest 13 Jan 2012

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Every now and then I like to write about a cool contest going.  I also like it because it’s a new an interesting way to promote your product online.  I have new appreciation for Facebook contests and some of the contests that companies run.

A Local Dallas kitchen remodeling company Snappy Kitchens started a contest on Facebook looking for the Neediest Kitchen in Dallas.  The winners of the contest get some pretty cool prizes.  So why do I like contests so much?  I like contests because they help people to engage in something that they would not have normally engaged with.  But for the odd fact that a company is giving away something for free, they will do whatever it takes to win that item.

Contests, coupons, and really any other incentivised offer out there is a way of getting people to do something they normally wouldn’t.  You will get a few that will enter or buy that were already going to buy but they are a small majority.  The science behind the deal is huge.  People love to fell like they are getting a good deal.  You never go into a women’s department store and not see a deal going on.  Women love shopping and finding the best deal out there.

It’s the same online, you typically have to offer some sort of a deal to get the majority of people online to look at or even consider your product. Putting something like; deal, coupon, offer, or sale will help you to get more traffic coming to your website.  They will also open up so much more to buying your product.  The science behind PPC deals is a tough one.  When putting up a PPC deal you need to consider that your person is searching for the keyword that you are bidding on.  Now it’s your job to convert them to a paying customer.

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