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There are quite a few things we think about AdWords that are not necessarily true.  We have talked a bit about these in the past, but we are going to go over them again.  Lets make sure this sinks in, folks!

Lets talk a little bit about some of the biggest misconceptions out there about Google Adwords!  This is important info, and knowing how it will affect your PPC account.

#1:  “Your Quality Score is going to go down if your ads are not running.”  This is actually not true!  If you go ahead and pause or turn off your account, and turn it back on later, as long as everything stays the same, your Quality Score should not be affected in a negative way.  QS is affected when you take your better performing keywords and separate them from your ad texts.  By simply turning off your account, or putting it on pause, you are not going to ruin your Quality Score, given that you turn it back on!

#2: A good Quality Score can be purchased:  There are probably a gazillion(slight exaggeration) factors that go into your Quality Score, so simply bidding higher is not one of them!  Also, we talked about how this makes everyone a loser in the last column last week!  Realistically, Google determines your QS based on relevance to the landing pages, and search term.  The more relevant you are, the better your Quality Score will be, obviously.  Don’t end up blowing your budget on a Fabrication of a dreamboat QS score!

#3: Using different match types does improve QS:  FALSE.  They literally have NO effect on your Quality Score.  If you ask Google, 2 types of QS are used.  One of them is used to figure out the minimum cost per click bids.  The other one is used to calculate your ad position.  NEITHER is impacted by match type, people.   The main point I am trying to present is this:  If you are obsessing over match types in your ads, don’t obsess any more! Move to the more important aspect of it.


I hope you guys will take the above into account, and quit worrying so much about the stuff that doesn’t matter!

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