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Lets be clear about one thing firstly. Pay per click advertising is the most used form of advertising out there because Areas PPC Advertising Can Improvemillions of advertisers feel it fits the needs of their advertising and marketing objectives. However, this does not mean PPC advertising is ‘perfect’. If you stay updated with my articles, I tend to highlight the fact that every single PPC campaign out there has the potential to improve and the same can apply to PPC advertising itself. For this reason, here are a few areas I feel PPC advertising can improve in order to become truly an amazing form of advertising.



Reduce Visual Advert Blocking

One of the main problems with PPC advertising which companies such as Google will always struggle to combat is the advert itself. When web users see the adverts at the top of search results, they will tend to block themselves from even reading it and move straight to the top of the organic search results. This is because web users feel that organic search results will show more contextual results than paid advertising will.

There are ways of combating this. For example, a wider range of adverts will mean adverts will look further and further away from the stereotype of a title, description and URL (elements such as ad extensions accomplish this). However, to truly get rid of this problem, Google needs to allow advertisers to have much more control over the structure and design of text search adverts.



Better Support

When you first enter the world of PPC, you are bound to make many mistakes (and hopefully learn from them in future campaigns). The problem, I find, is that many many of the mistakes I made when I first entered into PPC advertising could have easily been missed if I had the support of an experienced PPC advertiser. I know there will be people that will be attracted to using AdWords, start a campaign, see next-to-nothing results and never use PPC again – this should simply not happen. If Google allocated one PPC expert for every person to help them start their first campaign and make a success of it, not only will it make people want to use AdWords more if they have the support from day one, it will also increase repeated use of PPC.



…Better Support

It is important to remember that PPC is not just the advertising side. It works by having a publisher side too for bloggers that want PPC adverts on their website to make money from. As a blogger myself, I have found the level of support for Adsense is generally pretty poor. Considering the vast majority of Google’s revenue is from AdWords and Adsense, you would have thought they would have a support team to reply to emails within 24 hours at the minimum? Apparently not.

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