An important aspect to pay per click advertising campaigns comes with analysing the landing page’s success. If you create a campaign without Analyse Your Landing Page With These Programsanalysing your landing page’s performance, you won’t know where the positives and drawbacks of your landing page and campaign are. The important thing to remember is that no PPC campaign is perfect: there is always areas to improve upon. For this reason, it is very wise to install a few analytical programs onto your landing page so that you can see where to improve your landing page. For example, if your bounce rate is high and the average time on your landing page is low, you might thing about removing some HTML and Javascript to improve the loading speed of your landing page. Either way, here are some programs which you can install onto your landing page to help you analyse it’s strengths and weaknesses.



Google Analytics

For anyone using PPC or any other form of online advertising, it should be absolutely compulsory for advertisers to install Google Analytics on their respective landing page. There are many reasons for this if you are still not sold into doing it:

  • It’s a free program for anyone to use worldwide.
  • The level of detail Google Analytics provides web users is, basically, insane. There is no statistic I can think of Google Analytics does not provide web users.
  • The <script> of Google Analytics will have negligible effects to the loading time of your landing page.
  • It’s simple, fast and easy to use.

Even if you are not likely to use Google Analytics often, I still recommend you installing it onto your landing page. When your campaign starts to under (or even over) perform, you can use Google Analytics to find just exactly why that it is happening.




AddThis is a brilliant program which, again, I feel, is a must have for all advertisers to use on their landing pages. AddThis is a program which supplies social media buttons so that you can let your PPC traffic share your landing page with their followers and friends (who are likely to be interested in the same things as the PPC traffic is: your landing page). The good thing about AddThis is that it also has a negligible effect to the loading speed of your landing page and that there are loads of different styles of social media buttons to choose from to use. However, above all, AddThis provide a great analytical tool to accompany the social media plugin. With this, you can find out who is sharing your landing page, how they are, where they are, what device they are using and how many clicks that social media share received. That’s just about everything you will need!



From this, I would recommend you install both Google Analytics and AddThis onto your landing page. If you are still feeling sceptical about them, at least give them a go. The programs are designed to not hinder the performance of your campaign but enhance it. I have been using these programs for years now and I can safely say they have optimised my campaigns to help them reach their maximum potential.

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