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It’s always great to see affiliate survey data being placed into a visual infographic. Not only will most people better understand the data, but it will also grab more attention. The LBI / BigMouthMedia Affiliate Survey 2011 results are shown in the Affiliate Survey 2011: Key Points infographic below.

  • 72% of affiliates think Google wants to be the biggest affiliate in the world
  • 31% – Nearly a third of affiliates were affected by Google’s Panda Update
  • Affiliates want to see more conversions and high commissions with better creatives
  • 2011 showed a noticeable rise in the number of affiliates working across multiple sectors.
  • 2011 also showed a noticeable rise in the number of affiliates in this monthly income bracket. ($500-$5k, 2010 = 40%, 2011 = 60%)

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