Everyone has their favorites. Everyone has a list of the businesses that they trust, the people they want to work with, the companies that always deliver and the online advertising networks that hit the mark every single time. It’s time to analyze why and why the future remains bright for those people advertising on Google’s various marketing networks.

Why is it better for the online advertiser to invest in AdWords?
If we break down the many reasons why AdWords and the various marketing networks managed by Google outrun those offered by Microsoft via AdCenter, we are presented with four very simple and clear areas of focus.

1. Google AdWords offers Ad Extensions
AdCenter (at the time of writing) still does not offer Ad Extensions which puts Bing and Yahoo advertisers at a serious disadvantage and keeps Google AdWords advertisers ahead of the online marketing game.

Ad Extensions are really useful to online advertisers because they help the Internet user decide which part of the advertiser’s website they wish to land on. The Internet user is given more control over their Internet experience and this puts a wider smile on their face.

The more an advertiser can do to make the Internet user happy, the better chance they have of increasing sales, driving more traffic to their site and building an online reputation / brand image that other companies will be jealous of. This is why the use of Google Ad Extensions is so important and so effective. It is one of the main reasons why for online marketers ahead of AdCenter.

2. Google AdWords Dominates Traffic levels
Quite simply, Google is bigger, more popular and therefore better than Bing and Yahoo. There is more traffic for advertisers to get their hands on in AdWords in comparison to AdCenter. More traffic means more opportunities to make sales and increase conversions.

With more opportunities to improve ROI, AdWords is the safer and better choice for online advertisers and this is why so many companies still choose to stick with AdWords for all their online marketing needs.

Google is just too strong and too powerful at present and it has been that way for many, many years. It is doubtful that the Internet landscape if going to change drastically in the near future. AdWords is the future. Marketing via AdCenter will continue to put you and your company at a disadvantage from the start.

3. Google AdWords is the Remarketing King
Remarketing works and AdCenter does not offer an equivalent to Google AdWords Remarketing. If you want to use data to find out which online users spent time on your site but, for some reason, did not convert, Google Remarketing allows you to do just that.

Once you have data on these Internet users, you can use your Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign to entice them to return to your site and perhaps convert at a later stage. The conversion is not lost and over in the first meeting when advertising via AdWords. When marketing via AdCenter, the advertiser only gets one chance. The odds are simply better with remarketing and therefore better with AdWords.

Until AdCenter does something to rectify this huge hole in its advertising network, AdWords will continue to dominate the online advertising market.

4. Google Analytics is an Integrated Part of Every Advertiser’s Account
When you want to analyze any part of your online advertising campaign in AdWords, you have access to Google Analytics and you can draw up all kinds of data in many kinds of formats whenever you choose to do so.

AdCenter is not able to provide the same kind or quality of advertising analytics that AdWords provides. All data that AdCenter advertisers wish to analyze must be gathered manually. What a drag! What a real waste of time that no business owner or online marketer has to spare!

Information is at your fingertips when advertising via AdWords. AdCenter provides nothing in comparison and therefore making improvements to your campaigns or even taking pride in those elements of your campaigns that are working well just takes far too much time and effort.

AdWords is the king of advertising analytics and optimization. It beats AdCenter hands down.

Webrageous is expert at conversion optimization. Webrageous started as a web design company 6 years ago and had developed its skills in managing successful Pay Per Click campaigns at present.

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