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An important aspect to always remember in pay per click advertising is the fact your campaign is going head to head against a competitor’s. PPC is a war full of advertisers wanting to gain the best ad position for their adverts to be viewed on and clicked on. For this reason, this article will look at two of the biggest sports brands and how they go about competing against each other. Nike vs Adidas. Both of them have PPC adverts attempting to attract more web users to their website. However, which is more successful from analysing them?



To analyse each campaign, I will search their brand name into Google. After searching ‘Nike’ into Google, their PPC campaign appeared below as:

Nike have expanded upon the stereotypical text advert which in its core elements consists of a headline, description and URL. If you are a blogger and reading this, you will know that the more links there are, the likelier the chance of the web user clicking on one of them. Nike have used this concept to flood their advert with links. What I found interesting about the extra links is that two of the links are involving some sort of financial benefit to the customer being 20% off and free delivery. With consumers cutting back on spending, Nike are having to adopt special offers to encourage spending again.




When comparing Nike to Adidas, it can be seen that not alot is different. When typing ‘Adidas’ into Google, their PPC advert appeared as this:

A very similar layout to Nike. However, Adidas chose to include the financial benefits or special offers in the headline of the advert. From doing this, Adidas has given more of a priority to the financial aspect of their products making clear to bring in more customers, they need to promote their special offers more.

Although it might seem like nothing, where you place your special offers in your PPC text advert will tell the web user much about your strategy:
  • A special offer in the headline makes clear you want the special offer to be noticed first above anything. For this reason, it is the source of enticement that you hope will bring the web user to your landing page.
  • A special offer in the description is the more typical place to put it. The aim of the headline is to attract attention. The description’s job is to provide more information (but not enough) about the headline to the user. I say ‘not enough’ because if you provide them not enough information, it will give them a reason to click on your advert so that they can find more information out. This is why a special offer is perfect for the description: it gives users a small incentive to click on the advert because there might be more special offers or sales on that has not been informed in the advert.
  • The URL cannot portray a special offer as well as the above too. However, there is the option to change the URL of your advert to a customised one involving promotional words. This will give a better idea to the web user about what financial benefits your advert can give leading them on to believe the landing page they are entering has been specifically designed with special offers in mind.

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