Google has been at the forefront of the Internet surfing experience since it led the charge for search engines over the past couple of years. They’ve really put great innovations to the front revolutionizing how people experience the Internet. The great thing about it is that Google is still finding new ways to improve people’s experience online, thinking up creative new features and services that may prove useful and convenient for everyone using the Internet. They’ve really transcended being just a web search engine to being a full-blown enterprise on the Internet.

They’ve also taken strides in many industries that deal with multimedia and advertising. This is because they’ve recognized that the Internet is a great place to look for and share information. If it is, then why not advertise on the Internet, after all, advertisements are also for informational purposes right? So how does Google help advertisers on the Internet? A lot of people might immediately think they help through the search results. It’s a nice proposition but I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that.

Google has a commitment to making their search results as relevant and truthful as possible to the entered keyword. Google is committed to keeping the integrity of their search, which makes putting in ads a bit off their M.O. However, in their search results page, you’ll notice a small patch of clickable advertisements off to the side of the window, differentiating itself from the search results. These are the results of a little business venture they call Google AdWords. They separate the AdWords to avoid confusion between the real search results, and the ads that Google runs for their clients or users. So what does Google stand to gain from all of these ads? Surely Google gets paid a lot for all their trouble right? The answer to that is it really depends.

You see, AdWords runs by the Pay Per Click scheme, or PPC. Here are some PPC tips if you’re thinking about starting to advertise. Google gets paid for the amount of clicks the ad gets. It sounds expensive don’t you think? It’s actually not entirely that expensive, firstly because there are other options that people can avail of, of how they want their ads to be run. People can actually choose at which times the ads run, enabling them to filter out and target their specific demographic.

Naturally, if you’re selling liquor or cigarettes, running your ad at 8pm will be the most logical time to start running ads where children are mostly tucked in bed. Advertisers can also have the option of choosing the location where the ads run. Google does so by identifying the IP address of the user. All IP addresses are unique by location, allowing Google to determine the users’ general whereabouts. This allows establishments nearby with ads the chance to make their presence known to possible customers within their area. Also, never underestimate the power of the keywords. Sometimes it only takes the right kind of keyword to get the highest conversion rate for any advertisement.

The right kind of keywords brings the right kind of crowd to an ad. This means no more running around and letting the customer go to you instead of you chasing the customer.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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