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With pay per click advertising dominating online marketing, it is important to know the reasons why advertisers use PPC. It is not a Why Do Advertisers Use PPCfluke how PPC programs such as Google AdWords have become market leaders in online marketing. There are reasons behind their success with them being highlighted in this article.

If you are an advertiser that is not using PPC to advertise online, from reading this article, you may look at PPC differently. I think, above everything, what PPC offers is flexibility. By this, I mean that any advertiser/business can use PPC to create a campaign be it large or small scale. PPC generally works well for any advertiser and situation.



One element that not many advertisers take advantage of is the fact that PPC is a great source of market research. Market research in PPC works by pointing targeted traffic to a landing page such as a lead capture page. From then on, the web user can fill in boxes, tick multiple choice questions etc. to give the advertiser quantitative and/or potentially qualitative data.

The great thing about PPC is that because you can gain highly targeted traffic quick and easily, you can perform market research almost instantly online. Always remember that PPC evolves around statistics be it impressions, CTR, CPC, conversion rate and all of the statistics Google Analytics offers.



Saying all of this, it is not the main reason why advertisers use PPC. The main reason is to simple gain a conversion on their landing page and the way this occurs is through sending targeted traffic (that are likely to be interested in the landing page’s contents) from a publisher website or search results onto the landing page where they perform the conversion. For most campaigns, a conversion will result in some sort of sale or purchase. This makes it clear that advertisers use PPC because it is an effective way to increase the profits of a product or service.

Think of PPC as the turbocharger in an internal combustion engine. The engine works fine without the turbocharger. However, with the turbocharger (being PPC), the engine generates much more horsepower and can work more efficiently too.



From this, if you are an advertiser that is not currently using PPC, will you start using programs such as Google AdWords? It is worth a thought to try out the service. Remember that PPC is also based around experimenting: you will only ever improve a campaign by experimenting with different elements of it.

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