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Pay per click advertising is the most used form of online advertising out there – fact. For this reason, there will, no doubt, be Why Advertisers Need a Strategy in PPCmany many advertisers around the globe that are not fully optimising their campaigns to get the most out of them and gain the best results. Pay per click advertising, though, is a form of advertising that goes hand and hand with any type of strategy you implement. If you choose not to use a strategy in PPC, you will struggle to succeed. Here are some reasons why all advertisers need to have a strategy in PPC.



To Gain the ‘Right’ Traffic

Without a strategy, you will not have a target market. A strategy will identify the type of people you want to gain traffic from and send to your landing page. From knowing what type of people you want to go to your landing page, you can then focus your efforts on how you are going to get that type of traffic from pay per click advertising. What keywords are you going to use that will link your campaign with the search phrases of your target market? Remember that without targeting the right people, your campaign will be useless. For example, a campaign that is directing eco-friendly people to a site about buying Hummers will not likely end in a conversion…



To Save You Money

A strategy is effective at helping you save money and stretch your budget that bit further. This is because a strategy will help you identify the objectives you want to achieve through PPC such as the amount of traffic you want, the conversions you want and in how much time too. From knowing this information, you can then decide how to structure your campaign. If you want lots of traffic in a short amount of time, it will make sense to have a high CPC and possibly more than one campaign. However, this won’t work if you want long and consistent amounts of traffic. Change your campaign to your budget and objectives.



To Take a Different Approach

If you are unprepared and don’t prepare a detailed strategy for your PPC campaign, there is no way you will be able to make the most out of PPC. PPC lets advertisers take different approaches. By this, I mean with negative keywords, with bidding on different brands to ‘steal’ away traffic from the actual brand and to use ad extensions on PPC search adverts to encourages clicks onto it. The level of customization in PPC cannot be beaten. Therefore, by knowing your strategy, you can look at these PPC customizations and use them more to your benefit.

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