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There are many, many different ways to approach marketing these days. There are tried and true methods of word-of-mouth and print marketing, and then there are more creative ways that you can approach online advertising through the virtual world. What you ultimately decide will depend on your own industry and your own research, but specifically for the legal and medical fields, there are a number of different best practices that you can go through to make sure you aren’t wasting time, money and energy on outdated methodologies that don’t help your bottom line.

What Is PPC, and What Are Alternatives?

Before you get into some type of PPC contract with a company, you should educate yourself on PPC basics. The more you know about historical context, the better you’ll be able to understand if it’s the right thing for you. The best alternative to traditional PPC advertising comes in the form of organic marketing, blogging, and semantic SEO practices, in which companies spend a fair amount of time creating regular new content inside their specialties and then distributing links among social media circles. Both methods can be very successful, but the path the move them along can be quite different depending on focus.

Marketing for Law Firms   

Law firm deal with the law, obviously, and even when they specialize, they are still competing with thousands of other law firms that do nearly identical work. You don’t necessarily want a ‘different’ law firm, you just want to be the best law firm with the best information about what you do, for example if you’re a law firm that specializes in worker’s comp, or perhaps slip and fall accidents. Good PPC marketing, in conjunction with great content and a focused website (especially if it’s mobile friendly), means that you’ll eventually get the traffic you deserve through various web crawlers and browsers.

Marketing for the Medical Industry    

The medical industry will have similar issues to the legal industry when it comes to marketing online. There are a limited number of keywords and phrases that deal with ‘health’, ‘medicine’, and ‘wellness’, so it’s up to company administrators to figure how to use long-tail phrases, and if they want to really push for local angles, by keeping certain geographical text in their anchor data. Once again, to really push your company to the top of search engine returns, you have a have a team of people willing to write great content on a regular basis, and make sure that linking is accurate, informative, and relevant. In addition to this, by interacting with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and creating groups of medical professionals and administrators who trust each other, mutual benefits will come out of those relationships.

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