Landing page optimization is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of running a successful affiliate marketing ad campaign. We already know that a landing page is the best way to increase conversions for both targeting and cold traffic, what many new affiliates don’t realize is the on-page optimization that needs to be done after the page goes live.

The truth is, a simple 1% increase in your landing page conversion can results in thousands of dollars in additional revenue and profit from your campaign. Over the life of your campaign, you could potentially be looking at millions of dollars!

In addition to the on-site visual optimization tips we are able to talk about, the overall speed of your landing page and making sure it views properly on all mobile and tablet devices is also crucial to the success of your ad campaigns. With more people access the internet throughout the world and from different devices, you absolutely must have a landing page that is fast loading, accessible and compatible with all devices.


Best Landing Page Optimization Tips

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a landing page and how slight changes can results in huge conversion swings and growth over the life of a campaign, let’s dive into some of the best ways to increase conversions through on-site optimization.

Special thanks for for the information (below) that shows complete visuals of each method mentioned below.

– Have a clear call to action

The call to action on your page is the most important area. Make sure it pops out from the rest of the content, engages with the user and makes them want to take immediate action.

– Less text is more

While content is king, it’s a big distraction on most landing pages. When possible, limit your text and stick with clear points and visuals to get your image across.

– Keep the page clean

A clean page is a great way to increase conversions and limit distractions. Be sure to keep a lot of white space, while also keeping a professional and legitimate feel to the site.

– Pick the right images

While limiting your text is key, so is using the right images. Don’t just throw any old clip art onto the page, split test different images to see which work best.

– Bullet points work

Bullet points are a great way to get your message across, without the need to take up a lot of space and waste your users time. Place your bullet points near your call to action for improved results.

– Use contrasting colors

Colors play a huge part of the conversion process, as different colors cause different emotions. Color usage is also important to show the professionalism and overall flow of your landing page design.

– Create a sense of urgency

There is no better way to get a user to take action on your landing page, then to give them a limited time offer. This is usually don’t through the use of a countdown clock or noting limited supplies available.

– Remove distractions and navigation

Landing pages need to be simple. The more complex they are, the more likely you will lose potential leads by letting them get distracted or clicking off to another area. Limit your distractions by removing unnecessary links, headers, navigation, footers and sidebars.

How to Create Effective Landing Pages

We can talk about landing page optimization all day, but if you don’t have the necessary tools and tracking in place, then you might not ever see the success you are looking for.

Landing pages are great, but they also take time to create and if you are using a tracking system to analyze data and leads, you will also need to know how to set that up as well. For newbie affiliates and online marketers of all sizes, this has become quite a headache.

In addition to creating the infographic below, has also created a platform that allows affiliates and online marketers to not only easily create their own landing pages, but also having the ability to track all data and improve conversions through their platform as well.

In summary, the best way to improve conversions with your existing ad campaigns, is to continually improve, split test and optimize. For a visual summary of all data points and tips mentioned above, be sure to check out the full infographic below.


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