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During the early days of SEO, experts are only concentrated on creating inbound links aiming to their website. Though the quality of your site already has an important part in improving your website’s search rankings, some website owners previously had been more concentrated on creating links. Nowadays, the field of SEO is however the same, although there are now some new changes like the quality of website and the weight of links pointing to it.

Website Quality and link Building in Past

Just before the major updates in Google search’s algorithm, you only have to create inbound links to your website to be able to get higher search engine rankings. Generally, the more inbound links your website has – irrespective of where there links are coming from – will lead to higher rankings. The high quality of the website is a weight, and you can get better search rankings even though you do not have “excellent content”. Actually, we have noticed several spam websites that are targeting keywords, that are not in fact what we are searching for.

Link-building and Website’s Quality Nowadays

Now days, you have to ensure that that you are about to concentrate on great quality content to be able to get higher rankings. Even though link-building is still significant, you still have to ensure that that you are about to create top quality inbound links. You can no more put your links on various sites, expecting that you will have higher search rankings. Apart from the high quality of the content on your site, you also have to be certain that you are getting back-links from high authority websites.

You do not need to create 1000s of inbound links to your website, since it will not be as effective as before. Actually, excellent content with a couple of authority links would be sufficient for your site to have higher rankings. This is how Search engine optimization works these days, and is the reason why you have to ensure that that you are about to concentrate on excellent SEO instead of building back-links in bulk amount.

Google want to offer search results which are of excellent quality, and this is the key reason why SEO becomes more complicated for a common individual. If you are investing a great deal of time to create back-links to your website, then you have to invest more time in creating top quality content. If you can make this happen, then there are very high chances that you will be at the top of search results for your desired keywords.

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