Hopefully, by reading the ‘Who Uses What Landing Page‘ article, you will have gained information that it is extremely helpful to  look at what other businesses are doing regarding their landing pages in their PPC campaign. Last article, I had a look at different market’s landing pages such as the car, food and sport clothing markets. The type of landing page it was had been identified through looking at what different types of landing pages that are available for PPC advertisers to use. This time, we are going to look at two businesses in the market of online advertising: Ad Dynamo and Adwords. 


Ad Dynamo (Click Through)

When typing ‘PPC advertising’ into Google search results, the following landing page for Ad Dynamo pops up:

From just the landing being involved with PPC advertising, it is easy to see that this page is going to be a click through page. Ad dynamo wants the web user to click through and sign up for Ad Dynamo as an advertiser. The ‘spotlight’ or central location of the landing page has two advantages Ad Dynamo will gain the web user if s/he decides to go ahead and use their service. The user interface is extremely clean and crystal clear: Ad Dynamo have done a great job in making a landing page that has the ability to not bore the web user and entice them further into the website. What more, the URL of Ad Dynamo’s landing page includes ‘v3_advertiser&_kk=adsense’. This makes clear this is the third version of their advertising campaign’s landing page and that they have helped to recognize what traffic they are getting from PPC through including ‘Adsense’ in the URL. This brings the point forward that businesses are constantly innovating already existing PPC campaigns to make them perform better.

AdWords (Click Though)

Let’s face it. It will be silly for an online advertising program to have anything but a click through page as their landing page. When looking at Google Adwords landing page, it is slightly differently designed to Ad Dynamo’s:

The first difference I notice is that the ‘spotlight’ area of the landing page is taken up by a customer review from a PPC advertiser called Roml Boutlque. From this, it seems to be that Ad Dynamo has a problem with customer satisfaction unlike Adwords who are willing to show off their customer satisfaction  by giving it the ‘spotlight’ area of a paid multi-national PPC campaign. This supports my experience with Ad Dynamo from both the advertiser and publisher side which have not been good at all. The problem is that pay per click advertising works through having lots of advertisers as well as lots of publishers. Having it inbalanced will cause problems among ad impressions, CPC and CTR. Adwords has the right balance from the shear number of people that use the program. However, it still seems Ad Dynamo have not found the same balance as Adwords.

Moving aside from customer satisfaction, Adwords’ landing page can be seen to be more professional looking than Ad Dynamo. It seems Ad Dynamo has gone for the cartoon and funky look for PPC. However, in doing so, they risk losing the potential customers such as major businesses who would prefer a more professional looking landing page such as Google Adwords’. This makes the point that Ad Dynamo are most likely targeting for individual people or small businesses whereas Adwords are targeting everyone: especially the bigger businesses such as Nike, Apple, eBay and .

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