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How do you differentiate your PPC ads from other ads that are up on the page?  Have you ever gone to a page and done a search query and every PPC ad on the page is the same?  Making sure that your ads stand out is key to making money online.  You need to stand out from your competitors.

Make sure you are telling the customers something that is different from the norm.  People want to hear something horrible, something that happened to someone that was horrible, something that effected someone that they don’t want happening to them.  Make sure you are writing your ads in a way that people will like and cause a little spark inside them to click.  This will improve your CTR 10x.

Try Titles Like:

  • Release the Inner Animal
  • Ten Ways To Dress Crappy
  • Local Ninja Plumber
  • Don’t Let Lawyers Scam
  • We Deliver Custom Scanners

Make sure when you are trying these that they are in separate AdGroups and that you have the keywords that you are going after in the ad copy of the ad.  This will keep up your Quality Score while improving your CTR of your AdGroup.

Move towards long tail keywords.  This is how small to medium sized businesses will make their money.  The marketplace out there is a rip and willing to bring you money.  You need to be patient while you’re doing this.  As you go in on a regular basis you will trim the fat.  Start with phrase match.  Once you see the referrals, you will see a lot of keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. You will want to look at keywords that people are searching that you don’t sell.  Make sure to add those long tail keywords to your negatives.  This will help your overall campaign performance.

Use dynamic keyword incursion in your ads.  This will help you get the right keywords in your ads while keeping your quality scores up.  This will drive down costs and keep all your ads relevant.   {KeyWord: Baby Blankets} is the way that you do this.  You can do this in the ad copy.  I would save the title for something that’s very interesting and will lure in the customer with your cool ad.  When you CTR goes up, your cost will go down.  This will overall, lower your CPA (cost per action) and make you more money in the long run.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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