Innovation is at the heart of everything Google does. With their successful pay per click advertising A Review of Google’s New Mobile Page Level Adsprogram for publishers, Google Adsense, there is a new type of advert that is being introduced to mobile devices that is code-named ‘page level adverts’. In this article holds all the information about these new adverts by Google for mobile devices with my thoughts on them at the end.


What are Page Level Ads?

Page level adverts are a new type of advert for Google Adsense users which enables them to monetise mobile traffic much better. There are two types of page level adverts for mobile users:

  1. Anchor ads or overlays – These are adverts that appear at the bottom of mobile devices as a banner, which can be easily slid up to see more of the advert or slid down to completely remove the advert from the mobile device screen. These adverts are loaded separately in the background to your website. Therefore, they should not affect the loading speed of your website.
  2. Vignette ads – These adverts appear when a link is clicked on your website. During the time your website is loading, a full page vignette advert appears, which can either be clicked on or dismissed. When dismissed, the newly loaded page will appear for you to engage with. The idea behind these adverts is to make more use of the time spent by people waiting for web pages to load better.


Are they any Good?

I can see page level adverts being a great addition to Adsense. Already, after using them for a week, I have seen my Adsense revenue increase enough to make me realise ‘wow, they are actually making a difference!’ It is early for me to say this. However, the results from my Adsense channel are certainly suggesting that they are making a noticeable difference especially due to the fact my websites gain a high proportion of mobile traffic.

However, with anything new, there are a few slight areas I am concerned with. The first being that Google claims the page level adverts will only show when ‘they are most valuable’ – I would very much like to know how Google knows when page level adverts are most valuable and how they work that out. This is because, at the moment, from testing my page level adverts on a multitude of devices, they seem to appear on every page and in between loading every page.

Putting this aside, page level ads are great. They increase the revenue you gain from PPC advertising in a way that is unlikely to upset your mobile visitors. As well as this, they do not count towards your maximum Adsense limit of three adverts per page. Therefore, you are literally increasing the exposure of Adsense on your website in a way that will not negatively affect your website and positively increase your Adsense earnings potentially – it’s a win-win!

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