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As far as direct marketing is concerned, pay per click ads continue to be one of the most effective and reliable means of online advertising that any business can turn to. For over a decade, countless SEO agencies and small businesses have relied on CPC campaigns to reach potential traffic and customers in short but incredibly effective bursts. It’s a tried-and-true method and one that everyone in our industry keeps in high regard.

At the same time though, some PPC campaigns finish with hardly any click-through activity or substantial conversions. Although the managers responsible for these failing campaigns may be quick to decree that PPC lacks results, the fact is that the biggest culprit of a lackluster ad run is often due to a dull design. These days, online media consumers demand something much more engaging than a popular keyword and some concise copy.

Improving Results with Vibrant Images

Few things immediately grab a web surfer’s attention like colorful and eye-catching photographs. In particular, Facebook and other social media networks provide a lot of places where a campaign manager can place images for a PPC campaign. Take for example the exit banner one sees when logging out of Facebook. This massive ad space is an excellent spot for a high resolution, beautifully captured photo which sells what a company does or what it represents in a single instant.

Of course, in-network ads also offer effective venues for top quality images. While the sidebar ads that are seen on Facebook may lack visual impact due to their size, this does not mean they are without use. PPC agencies should take into consideration FB’s somewhat dull blue-and-white color scheme. This somewhat lifeless combination of colors can help smart CPC managers select those photos which contrast starkly with the network’s background. This can make a huge difference in getting site users to take note of a PPC ad and interact with it.

Aside from this, companies should also go out of their way to capture their own high quality images for a number of reasons. Besides acting as a supplement for ad campaigns, these photos can also be implemented throughout a company’s official website or social media profile for great effect. The average internet user is always on the lookout for excellent images (the popularity of Pinterest is proof of that), so you can always expect to see a benefit in hosting a number of interesting and engaging photos.

Although not every PPC campaign may be an unbridled success, each ad can be a successful one. However, it’s up to the campaign manager to ensure that each advertisement is complemented by an image that grabs the attention of users and makes them want to engage the link. In our modern online day, flat copy can no longer provide results by itself. The best PPC companies around today all live by this guiding principle, and they know that vibrant media is critical to any campaign.

Todd Bailey is Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy at WebiMax in Mount Laurel, NJ. WebiMax is an industry leading search engine optimization (SEO) firm with over 150 employees and 500+ clients worldwide. Find him on Twitter @WebiMax and @push_star

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