It is clear that when advertisers are first looking to use PPC to advertise online, the obvious choice is the king of advertising Google themselves with their PPC program Adwords. However, there will be some advertisers that will question Google Adwords for the reason that there are other programs in the PPC market which they can use for their campaigns. Can Adwords be that dominating of PPC? The answer is yes. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop advertisers trying out other PPC programs. Below are some of the competitors of Adwords which you can use, if you want, to replace Adwords.


Competitors To Google Adwords

  • Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser creates a USP through giving advertisers the option of ‘free design’. The advertiser chooses the type of advert and even the size of the advert which Bidvertiser believes will maximize performance of advertising online.
  • Yahoo Search Marketing – An fairly similar PPC program to Google Adwords, Yahoo’s search marketing displays PPC adverts on Yahoo search result pages for web users to click on.
  • Adbrite – What puts Adbrite aside against Adwords is the fact advertisers can buy adverts on websites by clicking the ‘advertise here’ advert. This enables advertisers to buy adverts on specific websites letting them know exactly what websites there campaign is being advertised on.
  • Microsoft ad Center – In simple terms, Microsoft’s adCenter offers the same features as Adwords such as geo-targeting, keyword research tool and demographic targeting. The main difference is the same as with Yahoo’s Search Marketing that the adverts will be displayed on Bing search results instead.
  • Chitika – Chitika takes a different approach to advertising through not replacing your already existing advertising campaign but by complimenting it. The advertising units are also different from the stereotypical pop-ups. Chitika tracks what the web user searched to get onto the website page and uses this in the advert. Therefore, it can be seen that Chitika approaches contextual advertising from a different perspective too which can potentially help to make your overall perform better.
  • Kontera – Although Infolinks is also popular in the in-text advertising market, Kontera has been around much longer and therefore is the obvious market leader. Again, this is a different approach to Adword’s PPC seeing that the links are all text and in the content of websites. The fact adverts pop up when hovering over an in text link makes it great for getting high CTRs.
  • Clicksor – Clicksor is one of, if not, the biggest businesses offering CPC and CPM advertising solutions. They are known to be a cost-efficient alternative to Adwords.
  • Ad Dynamo – Although it can be seen that Ad Dynamo are still new to the PPC market with them only entering back in 2008, they are a good competitor to Adwords if you are looking for low CPCs and low CTRs. The problem with Ad Dynamo is that with the business being South African, there expertise is in the South African markets putting less priority on the UK and US: unlike Adwords.

There we have it! Eight potential competitors to Google’s Adwords which, if you feel daring, can even explore and try although it is safe to say that Adwords are still leading the online advertising market: only experiment with other advertising programs if you have the budget to!

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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