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1. Use Google Insight and Google Trends

Don’t just take a look at your past keywords or taking a wild guess at what will work at this time of year.  Do Keyword Research with these two tools and see which of your keywords saw traffic increase last year at the start of the year. Combine this with your reports, and you have a recipe for success.

2. Accelerated Delivery, not standard

Maybe you want to think about increasing your standard delivery method  to an accelerated one, if your budget is uncapped.  This may give you a way to increase your impressions for the best brand coverage, and also CTR.

3. Dynamic Keyword Insertions

This allows you to create relevant ads for your audience, even though it may be varied.  This would allow you to replace code inserted in your ad with keywords that will be triggered the same as they were each time your ad shows.  This means people will see your ad more, and be likely to notice it, over more of a general ad.

4. Monitor Your Competition, PLEASE

Taking a look at your competition’s ad copies can usually give you a headstart on them, on the type of campaigns they are launching, and what their combinations of keywords are, etc.  There are also many competitor intelligence tools that will not just help you in understanding and monitoring your competition, but will let you know how the customer is reaching them.

5. Optimize Landing Pages

I have said it before…..Make sure your landing pages ROCK! A good call to action, simple, and quick is what you want.  Also, focus on getting the right keywords, which will improve your QS and your pay per click cost.  Make sure you do detailed keyword research, and don’t just throw something up figuring that once people land on the page they will just convert.

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