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Ok, so this week I decided to make a bit of a checklist, if you will, of why your PPC campaigns may be in the gutter.  Some of these are somewhat joking in manner, but in reality I have seen all of these mistakes made before.  If your PPC campaigns are failing, take a look at this list and fix anything that is not right!


1. You spend way too much time adjusting keyword bids, and not enough time on ad text.

2. Your competition is getting smarter than you are.

3. You are not advertising on shopping comparison search engines.

4. Your landing page needs updating.

5. No daily budgets, perhaps?

6. Not enough keywords.

7. You always buy into google’s ad when it reads, “Want to increase traffic by 150%?”

8. You always let the google ad text writing tools write your ads for you instead of just doing it yourself.

9. Starter edition of google adwords- really?

10. You failed the Google Adwords Professional Exam multiple times.

11. You are not focusing on your top 5-10 Keywords per ad group.

12. You had something that worked in the past, and quit doing it.

13. You don’t know the difference between meta keywords and long tail keywords.

14. You don’t have conversion tracking.

15. Testing keyword match types is going completely out the window.

I hope these things helped you, and at least reminded you to take a closer look at what you are doing.  Sometimes the simple stuff is what we forget!


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