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Ok boys and girls, we need to talk about some negative stuff.  I am going to head down the path of what NOT to do in the PPC world.  If you are interested in NOT killing your PPC account, then pay attention to this article!

1. Setting Terrible Goals

Don’t set pointless goals that do not make you money.  It seems like a pretty easy thing to ask, but so often we get sidetracked. You may have a great CPA, but terrible profit on lots of volume.  That may not be what your goal is for your site!  Maybe you convert to a lead every time, but none of the leads close!  Please set goals that take into account what your cost per sale is.

2. Focusing on past, present, etc.

Don’t narrow your window you are looking through to one point in time.  Take a look at the bigger picture, and don’t be afraid to take a few risks.  Maybe you need to lose a few bucks in the PAST to make a bunch of money in the FUTURE…..ya dig?Maybe you could broaden your horizons, guys.

3.  Over- Optimization To The Max

We all have had those few weeks or days where we get an extra dose of motivation, or when we think we are going to work like a dog for 48 hours straight, and make our fortune overnight.  I will simply leave it at this:  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

4.  Losing Your Perspective

While we all try to keep percentages in mind in cost, obviously an account with a .50 cents per click is going to look different than one with 15 bucks a pop.  So please keep all of this in mind.  Before you blow your bank account.


Please keep these tips of things not to do in mind.  They will help quite a bit in the long run.


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