Pay per click marketing (also known as PPC marketing) is a key aspect of any Web related planning. When it comes to web development, the top web development companies will always prioritize PPC marketing to their clients. But do the top web development companies keep a business safe from all of the potential pitfalls?

What happens when the top web development companies are not able to keep a business away from these concerns? Web development is not about putting everything in the hands of top web development companies and hoping for the best. Any business that is looking to get the most out of the Web will need to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

To learn more about common PPC marketing pitfalls and how they can affect Web related planning, be sure to read on.

Using The Same Landing Page For Everything

When a business is creating a landing page for Web customers, there is a temptation to simply use the same landing page for everything. However, this tactic can be dangerous and is not recommended by top web development companies. If a business is spending money on unique advertisements and simply sending everyone to the same place, this is not advisable.

Different landing pages are needed for different items. If someone is clicking on a specific advertisement, they will want to learn as much as possible about that product in particular. Unique landing pages keep potential consumers from having to waste time that they do not have.

Not Using Specific Keywords

PPC marketing is not about using as many small phrases as possible to lure in customers. It is about using long tail search phrases. Sure, the long tail search phrases are not going to be an immediate goldmine. On the other hand, these phrases are more likely to lure customers who are in search of the goods and services being provided.

The traffic is brought in with long tail search phrases is always going to be more lucrative than the traffic that is brought in with less specific phrasing. Don’t fall victim to the temptation to load up pages with non specific phrases.

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic cannot be ignored, as it now makes up an increasingly large percentage of all online traffic. Mobile users are the most likely to convert because they tend to be looking for the most immediate solution to a problem. Many advertisers do not reach out to this audience, at their own peril.

Yes, it does take some extra effort to set up AdWords for a mobile device. That does not mean that a company should be repeating the same mistakes as their predecessors. Web development is about learning from the past, so that a company is not doomed to repeat it.

Lack of Geographical Targeting

One of the many benefits of Google is the geographic targeting that this search engine can provide. Unfortunately, a number of would be PPC marketers neglect this benefit when they are in the web development planning stages. The average customer is always going to feel better about a business that is located in their general region.

Ads need to be geo targeted. This allows the target audience in a particular region to learn everything that they need to know. Use the city and/or state in question to reach out to the target audience. An audience that recognizes their location is more likely to click through.

No Exact Tracking

Exact tracking is a great way to learn more about the specific browsing experiences of unique Web browsers. Any prospective PPC marketer that is not taking the time to utilize exact tracking is placing themselves behind the proverbial eight ball. They will not be able to enjoy the same advantages as their more forward thinking competitors.

What keywords are the visitors searching? What campaign drew them to the site in the first place? These are questions that exact tracking is more than happy to provide answers for. The PPC campaign must be properly integrated. Marketing software and analytic tools are the best way to go about it.

Overloading Keywords

This is one of the most common mistakes and the fact it is still taking place in the present day is mind boggling. Why would anyone resort to such tactics when any business worth their salt has web development professionals at their disposal? Sales are not produced with the usage of keywords.

Studies actually show that a comparatively small number of keywords are needed in these instances. A PPC marketing plan that is too focused on keyword stuffing is a PPC marketing plan that is doomed to fail. Work smarter, not harder. Extra keywords are a turn off to consumers who are seeking viable information.

Forgettable Copy

Ad copy does not necessarily have to change the world but there is no reason why it should be boring. PPC ads do not all have to serve as variations on the same exact theme, either. While they may all compete for the same intention when it comes to a search, it is hard for a company to stand out when all they are doing is fitting in.

Learning from competitors is a start but the best companies are able to speak from a more unique perspective. Don’t fall into the habit of following behind others. All of the “me too” copy in the world is not going to help a business to get the most out of their PPC marketing techniques.

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