7 Important Factors to PPC Marketing

PPC or pay per click is a marketing method that has the highest reach online. It practically covers the entire internet, which gives power in the hands of the marketer because with a very small budget one can advertise to an insanely huge audience. On the downside, it costs money and if the campaigns are not researched or targeted well, it can make a dent in your budget.

There are a number of factors when it comes to PPC.

The cost factor:

PPC can be expensive. In most cases PPC will have a cost and it can burn a hole in your budget if your PPC campaign is not planned well. This cost will depend on a number of factors, for example if you want to target USA or the European audience then the per-click rate will be higher. It is far cheaper to target traffic from the Asian countries but the conversion rate will be a lot lower. One needs to balance the requirements and the budget and find a solution that works.

Social Vs. Search PPC

PPC is primarily divided into two broad sections. The search PPC and the social PPC.

Search is the ancient form of PPC where you can put your ads on the search engine ranking pages. This can be further divided into another part where you can display your ads in various websites and blogs. Social PPC on the other hand is new where you can place PPC ads on social sites like facebook, twitter or reddit. Both these forms of PPC has a huge reach, with billions of people available on social sites like facebook or adwords that allows you to place ads on Google’s SERPs, one can cover the entire internet by PPC.

The various platforms

With PPC, the choice of platform is an important factor. Most of the popular platform will work for any kind of niche but targeting is always preferred. Here’s a small list of platforms divided into social and search:

Search PPC: which includes PPC for blogs, sites, intext and Serps,

  • Adwords – This is Google’s PPC advertisement network. The publisher’s side is known as adsense where they host the ads of the “PPC adwords advertisers” on their sites and blogs. Advertisers on this platform can target SERPs as well.
  • Chitika – Chitika ad network is another platform that runs pretty much in the same way as adwords but does not have the reach that Google has for its network.
  • Yahoo Bing ad network – This is the combined PPC network of Yahoo and Microsoft.
  • Infolinks – This is an intext PPC network where, instead of putting ads, one can simply link keywords in content and make it an ad-link.

Social PPC:

  • Facebook ads – Facebook’s official PPC advertisement system has the biggest social reach. An advertiser can reach billions of people who are available on facebook.
  • Reddit ads – Reddit is a critic’s network. The audience has strong opinions; they are quick to criticize but has a good sense of humour.
  • Twitter ads – Twitter’s official advertisement platform is limited to a very few countries like USA, Israel etc.
  • Stumbleupon paid ads – Stumbleupon is known to have a very high bounce rate but works well for sites that are heavy on the image.
  • Linkedin ads – linkedin is a professional network. It can be costly to run PPC ads on linkedin – but if your niche is related to jobs, business etc. then surely it is worth it.

Staying updated with the latest Trends in PPC

On the internet, things change pretty fast. The days of laptop are fast coming to an end while the tablets and cell phones are on the rise. This brings with itself a new form of PPC which targets cell phones. As the percentage share of your overall audience to those that are browsing from a mobile device grows, it becomes increasingly important that you start using PPC ads that are targeted and optimized for mobile audience.

Making your website Mobile Friendly:

There are a number of factors to PPC marketing but there is one factor that is a constant. And that’s your website. Quality of traffic, demographic details etc. cannot help if your landing page is not good. No amount of mobile targeting can help if your own website is not responsive.

Making a list of Negative Keywords

While it is important that you rank for your keywords in your PPC ads, it is equality important that you do-not rank for keywords that does not helps. If your ad comes up for keywords that are strictly against what you do, then that sort of traffic will raise the cost without adding any value.

Improve your click-through Rate:

Getting clicks on your ad is something that is the ultimate idea of a PPC ad. But that does not happen every time – sometimes a visitor simply ignore your ad and does not click on it. This sort of behaviour adds impressions to your ads but does not add clicks. This is bad for your Click through Ratio. Optimize your ads and make it targeted and catchy so that the CTR stays on the higher side.

I hope these articles continue to help.

By Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark is a content marketing expert with expertise in reputation and brand management. Newmark's has a tremendous portfolio of International Accounts, with a specific focus in the MENA region. Catering to high profile individuals, multi-national businesses, political figures and governments throughout the world Brian is able to both control what shows up on search results as well as public perception. To accomplish these challenging objective, Brian utilizes high profile media outlets, bloggers, third party sites, as well as cutting edge technology for sentiment and moderation. Brian has 20 years experience in the marketing field with more than 10 years in digital marketing. In that time he has run massive Pay Per Click campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, been a thought leader in Reputation Management, and led the way with thought provoking public perception campaigns. Recently, Brian Newmark has shifted his focus to monetization of high traffic websites. There are so many sites which receive high traffic, but the revenue generation is limited to the core business of the site, often overlooking cross marketing opportunities. In 2014 Brian Newmark co-founded Augment Marketing LLC with his long time associate Timothy Boyd. Together they are bringing new thought leadership to the digital marketplace. With an office in Radnor, Pennsylvania and partnerships in Saudi Arabia and India they are able to tackle nearly any marketing project. Visit their website at http://augment.marketing to learn more. In addition to staying busy in the digital marketing space, Brian is partners in Philadelphia based group of Indian Restaurants operating under the name Tandoor India. This gives Newmark an opportunity to mix his passion for marketing and his love of Indian food. Brian lives in Villanova, Pennsylvania with his wife of 18 years and his two children. In his free time, Brian enjoys travel, automobiles, jogging and time with his family.

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