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Ezoic is a great alternative to those already running PPC. As made clear in numerous articles on PPC.org, most people will see revenue increase, at least, 2x compared to using just Adsense alone. This is because the rules for Ezoic, as an Adsense Premium Partner, are not as strict as an individual Adsense publisher. On top of this, Ezoic has artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what works best to produce the most revenue for what web user.

Within Ezoic, there are apps inside an app store which you can use to add certain functionality to your account and website. There are, as it stands, 25 apps inside Ezoic’s app stores. Although you could use every single app, most of them might not be needed with your website. From using the apps on the app store, here are my pick of 7 great apps which will very well with a website running Ezoic for synergy-like results.

  1. AdBlockControls – This app targets web users that run ad blocking technology. Since such visitors prevent adverts from showing, Ezoic made this app to optimize the number and position of adverts, with machine learning, to produce the most revenue for those with ad blocking technology enabled.
  2. EZLinks – EZLinks is an intelligent way to add internal links inside your content. You can control the number of links Ezoic adds to your content per page. What Ezoic does is scan the content and links to other internal pages on your website that match with the right keywords.
  3. SSL – The chances are that you are paying for an SSL certificate with your hosting provider – this does not have to be the case. Ezoic has an app that can provide you an SSL certificate for free, if you use name server integration.
  4. AdColors – AdColors allows you to create different colour schemes for text adverts. From doing this, Ezoic will automatically test them on your website to see what works best.
  5. Mediation – Mediation allows you to link existing ad networks to work in integration with Ezoic. This can include the likes of Google Adsense, Media.net and many more.
  6. Ad Tester – A crucial app to Ezoic, the ad tester allows you to create ad units to put on your website. Ezoic will then optimize the advert by showing it to certain web users and using different ad sizes to see what works best.
  7. CloudFare – Best described by Ezoic themselves, ‘CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once CloudFlare is installed for your website, its web traffic is routed through [Ezoic’s] intelligent global network. [Ezoic] automatically optimize the delivery of [the] web pages so [the] visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. Ezoic will also block threats and limit abusive bots/crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources.’

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