There can be very little more irritating in the world of social media marketing than creating outstanding tweets, only to watch them go completely unnoticed.  The problem being that even if you already have an established twitter audience, standing out from the crowd and getting noticed can still be extraordinarily difficult.

7 Easy Ways To Reach More People On Twitter

The key thing to remember is regardless of how many audience members you have, chances are they are being bombarded with thousands of Tweets every hour of every day.  Meaning that regardless of whether you buy twitter followers or build your audience the organic way, you are still going to need to work hard to make sure your voice is heard.

Which begs the question – what could you do to ensure that your posts reach as many people as possible on twitter?  How can you minimize the likelihood of your own hard-fought tweets going unnoticed and ultimately going to waste?

The short answer…well, there are literally infinite available avenues to explore. But in terms of the most effective strategies of all, the following represent perhaps the 5 easiest and most effective ways of reaching more people on Twitter starting right now:

1. Time it right

First and foremost, it is of critical importance to ensure that you never overlook or underestimate the importance of timing.  When it comes to succeeding with social media and most types of marketing in general, timing is everything.  Think about it – what exactly is there to gain by timing your most engaging and influential posts/tweets for a time when most of your audience is offline?  Whatever target audience you have identified, wherever you’re located and whatever it is you intend to achieve, there will always be right and wrong times for your posts.  If your audience is predominantly online, it’s a good time to tweet. If not, you could be wasting your time and money entirely.

2. Repeat yourself

Taking into account the fact that different audiences are online and engaging with content at different times, it can be a good idea to repeat yourself.  Not to the extent to which your content descends into spam, but more a case of repeating your most important and compelling content in different words. This way, you’ll stand a better chance of reaching far more people than you would have you just published the post or tweet once.

3. Partner-up

Another highly effective approach when it comes to extending your Twitter audience and authority at the same time is that if asking those in your circles for help.  It’s usually a case of ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ – you offer to promote and share their messages, in exchange for them doing the same for you.  Depending on how many individuals or businesses you manage to establish such deals with, you could find yourself benefiting enormously – without having to spend a penny.

4. Use keywords and hashtags

Always bear in mind that search functions are extraordinarily popular and important among those using social media.  But at the same time, you must also remember that appealing to social media searchers isn’t quite the same as following the usual Google-focused SEO principles.  Instead, you need to carry out as much research as necessary find the kinds of keywords, hashtags and terminology in general that are currently proving popular.  After which, it’s simply a case of being strategic so as to find a way of beating your competitors to the punch.

5. Be Topical

In the vast majority of instances, social media users across the board are interested in the kind of content that’s not just current, but real-time. They head online to talk about and discover more about the subjects they are interested in as they are happening right now.  To an extent, social media, in general, serves as something as a ‘breaking news’ resource for the masses.  Which in turn means you cannot and will not succeed if you do not keep your content as fresh and relevant as possible, focusing on topical subjects of interest at the time.  Keep things as current as possible and you are more likely to both attract interest in the first place and hold onto it long-term.

6. Tweet more often

Always remember that whatever subject you decide to tweet about, chances are there will be many thousands of similar tweets appearing at the same time from every corner of the world.  Meaning that if you publish just one Tweet per day, you have a one-in-(insert mind-blowing number here) chance of getting noticed.  By contrast, if you Tweet say 30-40 times per day, you stand an exponentially greater chance of at least some of your tweets getting noticed. It’s simply a case of doing what you can to at least moderately tip the odds in your favor.

7. Add visuals

Last up, there’s really the no more effective way of adding instant appeal to anything you post than the addition of visuals of some kind.  Regardless of how hard-hitting or interesting your Tweets may be, it is very difficult to catch the eye of your target audience members with nothing but basic text.  What’s more, research suggests that along with attracting more attention in the first place, tweets that feature videos or images are considerably more likely to be shared by those who come across them.  Once again, it’s simply a case of ensuring that the visuals you posts are relevant, valuable and ideally unique – which is precisely where hard work and dedication come into the equation!

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