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To grow your business and to build your team’s culture, you should leverage the power of digital signage via use of visual content. The content has to be right and able to attract attention fast. Dynamic digital signage content is important for businesses that experience changes in models and products sold. These changes are determined by time, weather, news updates or location.

The following tools will help you in creating the best dynamic digital signage content:

  1. Live streaming

This is an incredible tool for making announcements or for broadcasting important business announcements. There are live streaming apps in the market that will help you advertise well. The live streaming option allows live streaming of news or videos for your business displays.

  1. Webpages

The best digital signage can display webpages on full screens. This is good advertising strategy that gives customers information that is found on your website. Instead of using graphics, you can use the signage to display webpages beyond your home page. Plugins like stock tickers waitlists or weather help in animating the screen displays.

To create the best of these webpages for display, you may use tools like SquareSpace or Weebly. SquareSpace is suitable for e-commerce pages or blogs. The style editor helps to customize your site. Weebly on the other hand has templates with drag and drop features that simplify customizations and digital signage template design.

  1. Dashboards/ Analytics

This is a solution embraced by many HR professionals. It is integrated into communication options to display metrics on performance. Some of the tools used to measure the metrics include Salesforce and Google Analytics. These help in keeping your teams focused. Google sheets can be used. Geckoboard is yet another tool that collects data from sources like Zendesk, Excel, Salesforce and Basecamp.

  1. Weather

Great dynamic digital signage content incorporates weather because everyone talks about weather. Weather is one of the best conversation starters displaying current weather forecasts from different parts of the world. Eventually, customers will go through the whole signage for more weather information.

  1. Dynamic interactive videos

Using tools such as Wirewax, Metta or Mad Cap for your touchscreen-enabled display enhances marketing. You should also have compatible software to run this application. Your viewers will have control over what they view and get their own perspectives from the videos. As a result, it is easy to custom-make a video that makes viewers engaged with your brand. This is also a good way to show off your business.

  1. Polls

This dynamic digital signage content gives information on product or service preference. The information gathered will always change. You can implement use of digital signage poll content to engage with your customers and to gather your customers’ feedback. Such features are available on Google+ and Twitter.

  1. Google Art project

Fine art collections from different parts of the world will pique interest from many customers. You should build galleries with pieces from different museums and countries to keep your guests engaged in the lobby.

In conclusion, the best digital signage content strategy should entertain, educate, build your brand and drive sales. Consider which of the above dynamic tools will work for your business and either on employees or on buyers.

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