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  • Pay proper attention on your article title; put your keyword in your title as title plays a great role in ranking a webpage. Also use H1 tag for your title as H1 title tag has its own importance in SEO.
  • Make the URL of your webpage SEO friendly so that search engine crawler can easily crawl it and index it in its data base. If you are using Word Press than, simply go the settings and use the custom URL option to make your URL SEO friendly.
  • Webmasters are well familiar with the importance of effective internal linking to get higher rankings. If your internal linking structure is poor, you can damage your rankings in search engines. This SEO practice falls in the category of on-page optimization.
  • Inbound back links will be those trustworthy ones that you need to hunt for, links acts as votes for your website and increase your website importance and visibility in search engines. If inbound back links are not those related and trustworthy, these will be of lower importance in the eyes of search engines. So, always look for quality and high authority back links.
  • Flash is unhealthy for Search engine optimization and eliminating flash in your website pages will be suitable for your Web optimization campaigns. To fulfill your purpose of having high search engine rankings, staying away from this technique will be best for Web optimization of your website.
  • Images are excellent and eye-catching in a website page, but also will reduce your sites page loading time. Reducing the utilization of this technique will enhance your probability of getting top search positions.

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