Adwords is Google’s program presented to businesses who want to maximize their business profits irrespective of the size of their business and their client base. To be able to have a superb display of your Google Ads, it is significant to understand the Adwords resources that you are about to use for successful marketing campaign. Using these free tools, you can analyze your business and the level of competition.

Individuals who have handled or employed Adwords for marketing are aware of hard work needed to manage a successful campaign Adwords campaign, for instance, doing keyword research to find the list of best keywords for campaign. This post objective is to let you know about tools that will help you in the Adwords PPC advertising campaign and the best part is that all these are free tools.

Google Website Organizer

It is one of the best too offered by Google, it is user friendly tool for evaluating website content material. Its most powerful asset is enabling you to carry several assessments simultaneously for Titles, photos, rates etc.

Adwords Wrapper

This tool  wraps search phrase in “square brackets” and “quotes “and enables you to switch keyword matching options to be able to have much better performing ads.

Adwords Keyword Tool

This tool helps you in generating keywords and phrases for your PPC advertising campaign. You can get search volume data about any keyword you want to use for your campaign. You have both broad and exact matching options. It’s better to select exact matching to have the accurate data about the search volume of that particular keyword.

Ad Preview Tool

It is a free tool that can be openly used to view your advertisements (paid links) on Google. This tool enables you to view your ad listing just like typical user who will use a keyword to find information about that niche.

The Keyword Typo Generator

This tool displays a set of incorrectly spelled keywords being entered into the Google search bar. This feature is significant since you can still gain precise search results even though you entered a keyword wrongly.

Top Bids Tool

  1. 1.      Allows you to discover less expensive keywords for bidding in Adwords
  2. 2.      Allows you to discover more high-priced keywords to create website content for better AdSense earnings

All these tools are highly beneficial in managing a successful PPC campaign using Adwords since it makes your job a lot easier and faster but keep in mind that the appropriate keyword combination is vital to have a profitable PPC campaign for your company/business.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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