Do you follow a profile of Bloggers? Do you sweat your brain out every day creating a massive heap of words? Still, unable to get that very gist of how to grow your fame.

Well, its the case with most of us starting new to this world of blogging.

We write, we create, but somewhere we are lagging because of some technique that we might be knowing but still neglect that.

Content creation is the sole thing that justifies the skills of a Blogger, but there are some essential techniques that you need to practice to get to the audience for whom you are writing.

Experts say that the headline is the introduction to your content which can intrigue the readers to dive more into your content.

Along with this, there are six essential techniques which will help you create astonishing content and as a Blogger to promote it to the maximum of the audiences.

  1. Apply all of the SEO tips and bits

Search Engine Optimization is essential as well as an effective armor in today’s time which can help you grow any of your online business if applied with all the rights’.

Here, I will jot down some of the points that will help my blogger friends to get that desired ranking on search engines for their blog posts.

There are some vital bits and pieces of SEO techniques that will drive you a massive number of web traffic which we have listed down here.

  • Headline:

A nicely written and formatted headline attracts the exact audience that you are targeting for your blog post. Consider formatting it according to the trends, add target keywords in it, make sure they are unique on the web; remember a unique and keyword mentioning headline attracts the most of the audience.

  • Keywords:

Instead of creating a blog about what you like, create a post focusing on target keyword, mostly related to your business or professional services. Try mentioning that keyword in most of the areas in your content piece, also, try to add it your headline as well, because doing that will highlight your blog post in the top of the search results. Use long tailing keywords.

  • Meta Description:

The headline is the introduction part of your blog, however, to explain a bit more detail about your blog, you need to write a meta description. This is the part where you need to be informative as well as brief with describing your article post. You can mention the keyword in the meta description as well to cater to the attention of the audience to read your blog.

  • Linking:

Link-building is the most critical part of SEO techniques. It helps the search engines rank your blog post as the reliable one on the searches. Also, allowing inbound links helps you build up connections and gather an audience from other websites as well. Moreover, adding internal links helps you engage with the audience more as they get the impression that you as a blogger have more information to provide to them and hence, they will come back to your further posts and read the present post till the end.

  • Sharing:

Creating the content is not the end of blog posting, it is just the beginning. Further, when you finish creating the content, and it is all ready to go live, look out for more ways of sharing information about your blog-posts like sharing the links on social media, email newsletters, and other modes. This will help you attract a vast number of audience.

  1. Choose Quality over Quantity

Well, you might think this, if a single blog post can drive me X number of visitors, what if I upload more and more content daily?

Let me tell you one thing my buddy, creating a rocketing content every day is not an easy game like name-place-animal-thing.

You have to pull all the strings of your brain and get out with all the adjectives and terminologies flowing through your fingers like the river Nile.

Well, to be honest, sometimes, we fall short of words, not because of a lack of anything in vocabulary but just because it’s not our day.

In such scenarios or not any scenario, it is essential to know that uploading a content every day or two days is not necessary to make the same sense.

If you want to drive a huge number of audience, choose to upload high-quality content.

High-Quality content is essential to keep you busy marketing it for the rest of the month and get you the audience enough following you for the near future at least for that very content keyword.

High-quality content can earn the shares when readers like what you shared; whereas a low-quality content will be unable to drive an audience to you even if you give your whole into marketing that one.

So, it is better that you understand how important quality is and imply it in your every piece of blog, no matter how long it takes to complete.

  1. The lengthier, the better

It was the ancient past when people used to check and read the content pieces of 400 words. Nowadays, such short contents get you no shares or likes at all, and after a particular time no views as well.

Well, I don’t think this is somewhat what you want. Now, people prefer a one-stop solution where they can get the maximum of all what they want.

Even the search engines prefer to highlight the posts on the top whose word length in the article is around 2000 words.

The reasons why a long article is the first choice of readers to read is they can get the complete detail on a single topic they are looking for.

Further, if you see from a blogger’s perspective, a lengthy blog post engages the reader for a longer time on your website which can directly or indirectly influence your business sales as well.

Try to write a blog with all the details on the topic that you are choosing to write so that the readers find it the best one for themselves and their friends and share them across.

  1. Format it like a pro

A blog post does not only contain a sack full of words; you need to format your blog post to maintain a professional impression.

Proper formatting of the complete piece is required so that it is engaging well with the audience and leaving a long-lasting impression on their minds.

Formatting a blog post includes considering the white space; readers like to read the contents those have sufficient pauses between different segments of the content.

Also, keep in mind that a monotonous only-words content is going to bore the readers; hence, it is necessary to insert an image or two which suits well the context of the article as well as soothing to the eyes of the readers.

Please do not try to over insert the images, it will drive the reader away from your actual content and will end in the reader leaving the post without finishing it.

  1. Try to stand as a solution rather than a simple explanation

It is not possible all the times but is helpful if you apply it for the most of the times when your blog post.

Try to find out the pinching topics and write an article on mentioning all the solutions available for that.

Quite often it is observed that people search for solutions to various problems on the internet.

Why not become a helping hand? There is always something that you know, and others don’t. Write it out and publish that.

Psychology also says that touching the pinch point gives your thing a soft corner in the other person’s heart; go, gain that soft corner and rule over the internet.

The articles explaining something get more fuel to them when mentioning some solution in that; so, consider involving both.

  1. Keep your reader at the center-point of your Content Creation

Your blog post is your piece of creation, and you like it very much, you simply love it, but wait, did you just write it for self-satisfaction? I guess no, right?

So, when it is clear you are not writing for yourself, you are definitely writing it for your reader.

So, why should you create a content piece that is only good in your eyes?

Consider and better, remember, you are writing the blog for your readers, and you have to apprehend what they would like to read.

Do your research well enough to know all the trends in deep and all the pinch points targeting which can help your readers after reading your article.

Understand what kind of audience you want to target in respect with the niche, geography, language and many various factors and observe what type of content and writing do they appreciate the most.

I am not asking you to replicate the exact same thing, but this research will give you an idea to create your very own masterpiece of content which is driving you a crazy number of audiences.

Always remember that a reader is your customer and attracting him will influence your sale, be it any niche.

Turning to the end

Well, writing an outstanding content piece is extremely difficult, but with knowing the critical basics of the market you will be dealing, sounds like an immense help to the bloggers.

These are some of the crucial basics implementing which affects as well as help a content piece gain the highest popularity, and here, I wish you all the luck with giving your best every time to your loving work.

Manan Ghadawala founded 21Twelve Interactive, one of the leading mobile app development company in India, USA. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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