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Sometimes, when you are searching online for a helpful article with tips on a certain topic, you just want the information compacted into bullet 25 Quick Tips To Improve Your PPC Campaignpoints. Although reading into pay per click advertising is always beneficial, it is sometimes better to display the information as bullet points. I could have easily made an article going into the depth of why the tips below are going to improve a campaign. However, most advertisers won’t care why they are helpful: they just want to know what they need to do to improve their campaign. For this reason, here are 25 bullet point quick tips which will help you improve your PPC campaign.


  1. Experiment constantly.
  2. Use your main keyword in both the title and description of your text advert.
  3. Target your audiences through location for better results.
  4. Use power words throughout your campaign.
  5. Run a negative campaign alongside your normal one (e.g. if targeting people wanting to buy something new, use ‘used’ as a keyword).
  6. Display less text on the landing page and more pictures or even a video.
  7. Capitalise the keywords in your PPC text advert to make them stand out more.
  8. Create a custom landing page – do not use your homepage as a landing page.
  9. Install Google Analytics onto your landing page to gain an idea of the success rate of your landing page.
  10. Regularly check your keywords in search engines to see your competition.
  11. Regularly check your brand name to see if other advertisers are bidding for it.
  12. Add urgency to your campaign. For example, the discounted offer ends soon.
  13. Trademark symbols increase conversion rates. ™ © ®
  14. Keep your campaign up to date and fresh – do not leave them to sit there and rot.
  15. Add internal links to your landing page so that if the web user is not interested in the landing page, they can explore the rest of your website.
  16. Use Mobile PPC.
  17. Make sure your CPC reflects the amount of traffic you want (high = lots of traffic).
  18. Maximise the quality score.
  19. Bid on your own brand name even if others are not.
  20. Do not make your advert title too long.
  21. Use a custom URL for the text advert.
  22. Do not reveal too much information in the text advert. You want to entice the web user into a click of extended knowledge.
  23. Make sure your landing page loads fast – web user’s attention span is minimal.
  24. Reduce distractions on your landing page to optimise your conversion rate.
  25. Keep a list of all the things which worked well with your campaign and what didn’t – use this for future similar campaigns.


There we have it! 25 tips any advertiser can you to improve the success of their campaign in PPC. A mistake you might make after reading this is try to apply all the tips to your campaign at once. Do not do this. The best thing to do is apply each tip once at a time and see how it affects the performance of your campaign. The chances are that it will help improve the success. However, in the slightest chance that it doesn’t, you can know exactly why your performance hasn’t increased.

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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