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It is wrong that PPC is stereotypically seen amongst people as a form of paid traffic be it short term or long term (depending on your PPC campaign’s objectives). Pay per click advertising can be used in many ways other than as a source of traffic. This makes clear that whoever you are, you don’t have to be an advertiser to use PPC. Anyone can use PPC to their benefit. Anyone. From this, here are other ways you can use PPC to your advantage that you may not have known.



Market research for businesses can be pretty expensive whatever way you look at it. Primary research takes time while secondary research requires a lot of funding. However, you need no threat because PPC can be used as an research tool. From installing Google Analytics or another program similar, you can get every bit of information you would want to know about your target market. First off, there’s the contextual targeting PPC offers bringing a specific market of people to your landing page of research. After that, you can go through everything about your visitor from where they are, what device they use, attention span, bounce rate, where they click, look on your website and more. All can be achieved due to Google Analytics.




If people wanting to gain exposure of a topic, product or page nowadays, they usually look to social media such as Twitter. They seem to think that people are automatically going to share their topic, product or landing page even if they don’t invest in a social media campaign to get things rolling. As well as bringing traffic, PPC brings a group of people with a specific interest in one topic together, just like an organisation.



Comparison Tool

It could be seen that pay per click advertising is still very young compared to the full age of advertising in general. For this reason, many advertiser may still doubt if they should really change their advertising platform like millions of others have done: generally from banner advertising to pay per click advertising. Yes, you can always look on websites for and pay per click too. However, you got to remember that reviews on the internet (excluding mine of course!) can sometimes be biased and therefore provide invalid information. From this, one of the best ways you can judge a form of advertising is through comparing. Run multiple campaigns using different forms of advertising.Whatever one produces your objective is the form you should go for.



I hope you can see that pay per click advertising is not limited in anyway by how you use it. It is a flexible form of advertising that adapts to your needs. This is why a lot of people nowadays use it. No matter what your objective is when using it, pay per click advertising will provide you the results you desire that other forms of advertising can’t.

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