For those that are trying to use social media marketing, the key aim to advertising through social media is making sure as many people as possible5 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers For Free can see your advertising campaign. For Twitter, this means having as many followers as possible. Gaining followers on Twitter can be quite a tricky task to say the least. For example, there are two main ways to gain followers: for free or for a fee. Paying for followers is not the road to go down ever. The only reason you would want to pay for followers is to make yourself seem more influential to others on Twitter. Therefore, the below ways are the four main ways to gain followers for free which means your followers will want to follow and socialise with you.



Optimise Your Profile Page

With Twitter (and actually most things in life), first impressions are everything. For this reason, you need to make sure your profile page on Twitter is helping other Twitter users to want to follow you:

  • Twitter Profile Picture – Your profile picture should be a head shot of yourself looking happy. It should be simple and to the point so that Twitter users will know exactly who you are from it. If the Twitter profile is of a business, then a logo for the business is the best shout.
  • Twitter Bio – I believe this is the most important aspect to gain followers. Your bio should be catchy and short but tell Twitter users everything they need to know about you. To make a good Twitter bio, you need to sound human, mention a bit about who you are, maybe reveal something personal and don’t talk about anything controversial!
  • Twitter Background – The Twitter background should reflect the type of person/business you are. It is completely your choice but make sure the colours do not clash but compliment each other.



Create Contests For Followers

To help gain followers, you need to make potential followers feel like they are going to be rewarded or benefit from following you. A clear and easy way to do this is through making contests for your followers with a unique hashtag. For example, the contest could be to tweet about something, follow you and include the hashtag in the tweet. As well as gaining followers, you will be enticing followers to stay followed to you for future contests.



Don’t Tweet Too Much

A problem with many Twitter users is that they tweet too much which results in spamming the followers’ timelines. This will frustrate followers which will make them unfollow you. If you tweet around 3-5 times a day with around a 2-3 hour gap in between each tweet, this will increase your followers. Potential followers will recognise you are not ‘spammy’ and value your tweets more since they are spaced evenly.




Twitter is a social media platform. Therefore, socialise! It is always good to reply to followers and retweet their tweets directed at you because it illustrates your recognition for your followers. If you are to interact with your followers, only do so once a day as there is nothing more annoying than a fully blown conversation on a timeline between two people of which you are only following one of them…

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