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I won’t lie that I am a big fan of Ezoic. Since using them, I have seen my earnings treble and my website appears, in general, a lot better off than before when I was just using Google Adsense to monetize the traffic. For most people, the increase in earnings will be a big enough reason to give Ezoic a go.

What this article has been created for is the other bunch of people, where they are unsure Ezoic will actually help their website out. After all, the more adverts on a website, the worse off it generally is for the web user’s experience. However, I am hear to provide reassurance that this is not the case. Here are five ways Ezoic improves the health of your website, disregarding the increase in earnings.


Stats Do Not Lie – Ezoic Improves Bounce Rate

In a recent article of mine about Ezoic, I outlined the difference to my statistics in Google Analytics for pages/session and bounce rate when using Ezoic and when not using Ezoic. It was quite staggering just how big a change Ezoic had to statistics that we all know play a large role to the overall website’s stats and traffic generation.


Cloudfare Integration

Cloudfare is a content delivery network (CDN) with website optimization tools to dramatically improve the speed and loading time of your website. Since Ezoic can integrate through modifying your domain’s nameservers, it also helps to integrate Cloudfare into your website architecture, helping to improve the speed of it quite painlessly.


Free SSL Certificate

As mentioned before about the modification of nameservers on your domain to integrate Ezoic, this also enables Ezoic to apply an SSL certificate to your website, which has become a factor for Google to determine how secure your website is and the SEO ranking of it too. For many hosting websites such as GoDaddy and HostGator, you would have to pay for an SSL certificate on a yearly basis. Therefore, this will help you save some cash too.


Intelligent Internal Linking

Ezoic has many inbuilt apps and one of them that is great to use is EZ links. This is an app which automatically internally links within the content of your website (how much so you can decide on) based on the keywords within your content and the content and title of other content on your website. This can help increase the pageviews of your website as well as reduce the bounce rate.


Recommended Pages

In the words of Ezoic, this plugin:

Adds a widget at the bottom of each page’s content with descriptions of pages that are commonly navigated to from the current page. The widget can be set to show images from other pages along with their titles.

Again, it is intelligently testing what pages to show for best results, which can drive a reduced bounce rate and increased pages/visit.

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