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Written by Aaron Riley

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming the next hot thing, with millions of people now consuming content via the smartphone that is always in their pockets. Marketing companies can be a great help when you’re thinking about setting up your ad, particularly for local ad campaigns. Nuanced Media, for example, is a marketing company in downtown Phoenix focusing on web development and Phoenix brand development.

Today we will be running through 5 tips for your mobile ad campaign.

  1. Engage the audience
    The world of mobile marketing has a special rule. Every click the customer has to make will lose half of your audience. Keeping this in mind you should make it super simple and easy for the audience to take the action which you require. This goes for all types of call to action’s, from email signups to a purchase. As your audience is all using mobile phones, consider putting your phone number in the ad. This will let the audience call you with ease and you will have a lead the moment the phone rings. Just make sure you are there to pick up the phone!
  2. Audience is king
    Before you spend a penny with your marketing, do the diligence on your audience. If your advertising fishing gear to single moms then you’re barking up the wrong tree! Make sure you target the correct audience with your ads, once you have them it’s time to tailor make your ad to appeal to their needs and desires. Using social media is a great place to engage your audience and find them! Incentivize mobile sharing in order to get your message to go viral and reach more potential customers.
  3. Timing is important
    When you send out your ads, keep time in mind. If the audience is night shift workers, don’t advertise during the morning to midday as they will be sleeping! As well as what hour you should advertise, keep in mind the day as well. For example, ads usually don’t perform well on Friday evenings or on Sundays. Do some testing and see what you find out.
  4. Location, location, location
    Keep in mind where your advert will be placed, and how the audience will see it. Interrupting videos and games is a good idea to get noticed, but you will annoy the audience with a distraction. Effective placement varies from ad to ad but similar with the time point, it’s crucial to test your ads.
  5. Call to action
    Awareness campaigns have their place, and are a valuable asset to any business. But a call to action is what gets your audience to buy your product or join your mailing list. Some of the best call to actions involve providing value to the customer. Consider offering a discount code or a freebie in order to captivate the audience. Other options can be added, many marketers have had success with buy one get one free and promotional items. Test out what works for your brand or product and capitalize on the success.

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