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Being a blogger, the first thing you have done is that you make a blog. Then you have optimized all its pages for better ranking in major search engines. You have further SEO strategy for your blog so; you can get more and more traffic for your long term keywords. Now, do you feel your job is done? The answer is No as you have to do one more thing that is to engage your blog readers so; they not just come on your blog but also spend time and visit other pages as well.

To engage your readers, you have to do creative things. You have 20-25 posts on your blog. Use relevant pictures to make your post look appealing. If you don’t follow these things than you will not be able to get the maximum from your blog. Other wise a reader came to your blog via search engine, face book or twitter, etc, read the post and leave your blog without visiting other posts.

Below are few tips that will help any blogger to engage readers on their blogs.

1. Effective Interlinking

One of the simple and easiest ways to engage your blog readers is by doing interlinking with other related posts. If your post is really interesting and informative then the reader will definitely want to read the other post that you have interlinked. By doing this, you can engage your blog readers every effectively as one post is linked to second, second with third and so on.

2. Write a Series

This is another great strategy that makes your blog readers curious and they will come to your blog again and again. Do not overuse this tactic as excess of everything is bad. For instance, you can start a series like 30 days SEO plan and you can write one post per day so, you can write 30 posts in 30 days. This strategy will definitely bring tons of visitors to your blog if you provide them useful and interesting information.

3. Use Featured Post Widget

You can also use a featured post widget in your right sidebar to showcase your most interesting articles. This tactic also helps in engaging them as these articles are visible all the time in the sidebar of your blog. If you want you can also use a moving slider to showcase your featured post.

4. Effective Description

The description of each post is very vital in engaging the blog readers. Try to write brief description that makes the readers curious and force them to read the remaining post. Highlight the description so; it is clearly visible to your blog readers when they land on your blog.

5. Reply To The Comments Of Your Readers

Another way to keep your readers engaged is by replying to their comments and answering to their questions if they ask any. You can install a REPLYME WordPress plug-in for notifying your blog readers about reply to their blog comments.

To make this all more interesting, you can even ask questions from your readers. This will cause them to comment again and again and thus this journey goes on.

Obviously, there are hundreds of ways to make your blog readers engaged but all the above mentioned tactics will give you best results.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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