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Social media marketing (SMM) plays a quintessential role in contemporary digital marketing. By definition, it refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products.

To put it simply, SMM is a set of activities that helps business increase awareness, boost customer loyalty, and generate new leads. It can obviously bring you a variety of substantial benefits, so you should think about investing more efforts in this field.

Our article will explain to you five SEO techniques to skyrocket your SMM strategy. Let’s check it out here!

  1. Focus On Content Quality

Quality prevails over quantity, regardless of the communication channel. The same principle stands for SMM, website content, email marketing, and all other marketing platforms. You should keep that in mind while crafting your social media posts.

What does it mean in practice? It means that your SMM efforts must be informative, entertaining, and flawless. For instance, Twitter posts have to be clever and amusing. In case you can’t achieve the highest level of quality, a lot of users will consider you boring and un-follow you sooner or later.

If you shoot images for Instagram, you always need a well-crafted photo. Everything has to be perfect: colors, light, facial expressions, branding components, etc. It’s the only way to stay competitive and earn your place in the SMM sun.

Besides that, you need to keep the balance between promotional and informative content. The best tactic is to use the 80/20 rule, publishing 80% of educational or entertaining posts, and 20% of the sales-related content.

  1. Encourage Followers to Engage

Although it’s not clear whether social links boost your search ranking, most marketers believe that Google’s algorithms take it into account when calculating the true value of a webpage. For this reason, it is critical to encourage engagement on your company social pages. This includes social shares, comments, and interactions.

There is a whole bunch of valuable engagement ideas to use in SMM, but we will go through the most important tricks:

  • Post video content: Video is dominating the Internet, improving your watch time and inspiring most of the user engagement.

  • Tag people: Everyone wants to feel appreciated and recognized, which is why you should tag guest bloggers or key opinion leaders you’ve quoted in the social media messages. You show them respect, while they give you additional brand exposure.

  • Post at peak times: It’s not the same whether you publish content on Monday morning or Friday evening. Be aware of the best posting times to determine your own schedule.

  • Create compelling headlines: Appealing titles have always been the click bait. If you support incredible headlines with quality content, you can count on improved user interaction.

  • Share it more than once: In the abundance of social media content, you cannot afford to leave your posts pass by unnoticed. Share them several times (the same day, week, or even month) to reach out to more followers.

  1. Use Analytics Tools

Every social media platform offers a fair share of analytics that can help you to boost your SMM strategy. Social analytics is a broad topic, so we want to focus only on several tools in order to give you a better insight.

First of all, Instagram Insights is the image-sharing network’s native tool that provides users with precise data on follower behavior. With this option at your disposal, you can easily measure the results of each campaign and see how individual posts are doing.

Secondly, Twitter Analytics creates reports allow you to increase engagement, particularly re-tweets and replies. It will give you suggestions on how to target users’ interests, schedule tweets, determine the right timing, etc.

The third tool we want to present you is Facebook Insights. A tool like this allows you to detect the most engaging content, maximize your sharing strategy, and avoid poorly performing posts. Keep in mind that each tool we mentioned requires a lot of time to figure it out completely, so don’t hesitate to test them as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t ignore less popular social platforms

When you mention social media platforms, most people will immediately think of Facebook or Instagram. It’s not a surprise given the fact that both networks gather more than a billion of monthly active users. However, you cannot ignore less popular social media such as Pinterest or Google+.

Bryan Brumfield, who is a content marketing associate at, says that “As a business, you need to exploit every opportunity to expand brand presence, addressing as many potential customers as possible. Every platform counts and you need to exploit each one to find a fresh source of leads”.

For example, you probably wouldn’t consider LinkedIn to be a priority SMM channel. But if you are running a B2B organization, there is not a single more effective social platform out there. Each network has its pros and cons, so make sure to take advantage of every opportunity.

  1. Take it seriously

SMM is not a game, but rather serious business. That means you must take it seriously, set goals, and develop a thorough strategy. Before you take action, you need to be clear about your objectives. Do you want to raise awareness, nurture leads, or build customer loyalty?

The way you answer this question will determine the entire strategy. It will help you to design a mission statement, find your voice and tone, create a posting schedule, and curate content. Besides that, understanding SMM goals will also allow you to set precise performance metrics, so you’ll be able to track and measure results over time.


Building a quality SMM plan is critical for the vast majority of modern businesses. In this post, we showed you five SEO techniques to skyrocket your SMM strategy.

Did you already try some of these tactics? Do you have other interesting ideas to share with our readers? Let us know in comments, and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you!

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